Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lucy is 1 month

WOW... 1 month already! Everyday has been a learning experience and worth every moment! 


At her 5 week appointment, she gained 2lbs and grew 2". Not to shabby! This puts her at 10lbs 4oz and 21". 

She's doing pretty well in the health department! The only issue is we might have some sort of food allergy. What I thought was baby acne was not. Our ped recommended we omit dairy, nuts, wheat and eggs for a few weeks. This should be interesting! 


Sleep is record breaking! We started sleeping through the night around 3.5-4 weeks. 

Sleeps 12-7:30am.. Sometimes I'll dream feed around 5am.. But honestly, if she's not hungry.. She won't eat. After 7:30, I'll nurse her and she'll sleep until 9:30/10 am.. Which gives me time to give Landon quality time. 

We take sleep very seriously... And we love it!!

Oh the best thing is- I trained them to nap at the same time.. Which means I get a much needed nap during the day! 


Some newborn.. 0-3 is perfect and some 3-6. 

Diapers size 1. We are having diaper leaking issues.. We've been through 5 brands and we cannot control the leaks!!! 

Pampers.. Huggies.. Kirkland, baby ganics all leaked.. 1 out of 3 diapers leaked!! Ughh we are now using seventh generation.. Wish us luck!! 


Breastmilk.. About 3.5-4oz per session! 


Not much in the development department.. She tracks really well. She has tummy time for 10 minutes every hour that she's awake... 

Here & there. It all depends on the day. She loves to be held... LOVES to be held and will give a pitiful cry if she doesn't get what she wants... 


Sleeping through the night 
Finally takes a pacifier at 4 weeks and we were so relieved!
Tracks objects

Sibling Love

The transition has been smooth sailing!! Landon is in LOVE with his baby sister and we are quite pleased with their relationship! 


 Not sure how much weight I've lost but I feel good! 

Sleeping well, eating well and keeping busy!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lucy Addison Scaife!

Well, it's about time introduced our newest addition! 

Sweet Lucy.. Was stubborn as a mule during my pregnancy but she has been nothing but kind since her arrival!

She made her debut on May 24th, 2014 @ 10:54 pm. Weighing a wopping 8lbs 12 oz and measured 19.5" long! 

As you can see, big brother Landon is I love with his little sister! We were lucky to have the hospital photographer in the room when big brother arrived to meet his sister! She really captured such a pivotal moment in our lives! 

We are in love! I'm going to catch you all up on the details ASAP! It's been a bit nutty since I brought her home but we are trying to manage! 

For now.. We are a happy family of 4! 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Landon Turns 2!

 I know, I know.. It's been too long- but life, as we know it in the Scaife house has been a little busy!

We decided to keep his birthday very low key this year but we also made sure it was special! 

We started the morning by singing happy birthday to him when we got him out of his crib. He was very surprised and full of smiles! If you follow me on Instagram, you can watch the video! It's really cute!

He was screaming "di saur" when he saw  the chalkboard I had for him. He had a hearty breakfast with eggs, oatmeal and DONUTS with "spink" (sprinkles)! 

Breakfast was followed by presents, dancing and some FaceTime with his aunt "she" (Shannon). After a full morning, lunch, nap and a nice walk, we headed to my parents for his birthday dinner! 

My mom insisted on making him a birthday cake! It was her very first cake and she didn't sleep for 3 days! It turned out perfect! Simply amazing and he loved  it!!! 

He just loved every moment of his birthday.. He loved having us sing happy Birthday to him and he figured out how to blow out his candles! So cute!! 

He really loved every minute of his big day! It was so nice of my parents to make his birthday so great especially since we just had a baby and couldn't really have a big party! 

After all the hoopla, he got deliriously cake wasted! He ate the entire tail all by himself... 

He was so spoiled by his aunt & uncle! 

A few days after his birthday party, we took him to a special event at a local park! They had a live dinosaur exhibit! 

It was both mesmerizing and scary for him! He loved it and asked for more but was shaking all at the same time. 

This exhibit was so neat! It was just a perfect experience for him. 

And that's that. A week of amazing birthday shenanigans for my little guy! He is such a big boy and he's happy as can be! 

And if you wonder what this guy got for his birthday... Everything dinosaur & a jet ski!