Friday, August 30, 2013

Family photos

A few months ago, I posted a sneak peek of our family photo sessions- HERE.. I finally got my hands on some and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE how they turned out. UGHHHH- Love Is Photography is my favorite photographer EVER- in the whole wide world. She is soOOoo talented and I cannot say enough great things about her work. She has captured all my milestones from maternity, newborn, holidays... his 1st year.. she is talented, easy to work with, affordable and amazing.

We went with a classic look. We wore all white. My husband and son wore matching burberry ties.. We kept it clean and simple.

This shot was exhausting! I had to run around the photographer in circles to get him to smile! Perfect right???

It is not easy lifting a 20 lb kid who is hungry!

Lifting lifting lifting... 

I died when I saw these photos. she sent me 4 different poses... he looked adorable!

I used 3 small balloons that I had left over from his birthday party. he kept saying "boon" (balloon)... 

LOVED that he started walking a few weeks before his birthday. This is the perfect shot!

This moment that she captured IS the reason why I keep running back for more.

Before our family shoot- I had love Is take photos of my entire family (parents, siblings and us)... We wanted family photos before my mom started chemo. Our colors were Blues... We were scouting places to shoot... and the photographer snapped a few of Landon and I. Loved this!!

And this one too!!  I LOVE Kisses from him ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!!!

My White dress is from H&M ( I bought it in the Jr section in a Large)

My Blue Dress is from Angl. It was on sale for $19.

On Landon:

White outfit was from Baby Gap, Tie: Burberry, Shoes: Cotton On

Blue Outfit: Shirt: Cotton On, Shorts: Old Navy, Shoes: Cotton On

Husband: Shirt & Pants: J Crew, Shoes: Lacoste and Tie: Burberry

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Madison's Ariel Birthday Party

Over the weekend, we attended a birthday party.. Landon's friend Madison turned 3.

Lets start with the invitation.. It was the cutest little invite! I love creative details! Even my husband smiled when he saw it! 

The dessert bar was so adorable!!! We tried everything but the cake. It was delicious! 

The cake was so intricate and vibrant!! 

Her marshmallow pops were homemade and Landon got his first taste of sugary Marshmallows!! 

So cute!

When I saw Sebastian on a cupcake, it brought back childhood memories!! Every detail of the party was so impressive!

Centerpieces were simple and perfect! A little gold fish in a bowl. It kept Landon interested while I ate tacos.. (They used the same taco guy from Landon's 1st birthday party!)

Landon enjoyed the fishing game. He kept going back to fish and clean up after the other children!

We also got him to finally go into a bounce house!  He ran back and forth and laughed! He's really learning how to interact with other children!! 

After lunch, the birthday girl got dressed for her surprise!!! She was shocked to see Ariel!

This was the most impressive Ariel I've ever met! 

All the children gathered around to hear a story. When Ariel started singing, Landon was mesmerized. He gave her a standing ovation and cheered. It was pretty funny!

Look at my kid walking around acting like he's interacting with the other children! So nosy!! 

We had such an amazing time! Everyone was so nice and sweet! 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

What Landon Wore

I can't believe that diesel makes kids clothes... and its such great quality too!! This little T shirt cost less than a shirt from gymboree AND janie & jack.. its so soft and comfy. I would buy them in every color!!

Landon's outfits are always Comfortable- 

let's talk about brands:

H&M- sizes run big. He is now growing out of 6-9 and slowly fitting into 9-12 month!

Diesel- first shirt.. but it runs pretty true to size. He's wearing a 24 month and its big.. I want him to grow with the shirt. He'll be able to wear this for a while!

Old Navy- old navy is pretty true to size as well. which is surprising to me!

Cotton On- the baby clothes are cheesy- but he fits into size 1 kids. it runs pretty big. I think around 18 months he'll really fit in size 1 perfectly. (shoes are size 4.. when he's wearing size 5 in everything else).

Friday, August 23, 2013

Toddler Meals: Brown Rice Trio

I've been posting about my brown rice trio a lot lately... It's really easy to make and it's filled with tons of protein and nutrients.. 

I usually make enough for a few days. 

I start by peeling & cutting a small sized sweet potato. 

In a rice cooker.. Add the following:

1 cup rice
1/4 cup buckwheat
1/4 cup quinoa
1/8 cup lentils

Rinse 2-3x with warm water.

Add sweet potato
Add enough water to cook rice (I usually stick my forefinger into the water.. Fill water to the first line of your finger. :) its a ghetto Asian way of measuring but let's be honest.. Asian people make really good rice! 

I add this mix to eggs, soups.. We eat it with meals for dinner.. It's just really easy and fills us up! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Toddler Meals: Turkey and Cheese Sandwhich

Yep.. Lets talk about sandwiches. I didn't grow up eating sandwiches.. And when we packed our lunches, I never ate them. It's because I never tasted a good sandwich until I met my husband..

I make Landon's sandwiches super simple.. Instead of mayo or mustard.. I spread a thin layer of avocado onto his bread.. We use nitrate free, antibiotic free organic  turkey- deli meat and Colby jack cheese. I lightly toast it to melt cheese over the meat.. Keeps the sandwich glued together. 

Served with sliced watermelon, string cheese and puffs.  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Toddler Meals: Lemon Chicken & Rice

This meal was a hit! 

The Lemon Chicken was pretty tasty!
- 2 chicken breast
-1 lemon
-Italian seasoning

- use 1 tbsp coconut oil in skillet. Heat at medium.

-Squeeze 1 lemon onto chicken breast.
Cook on skillet at med/high

-Sprinkle Italian seasoning & garlic  while chicken cooks..

Cooks for 15-20 minutes.

- chop up chicken
- steam peas
- cook rice trio.. 
- cut 5 cherries serve.
- 2oz yogurt


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Toddler meals: Quinoa spring rolls

Spring rolls are like a Vietnamese version of a Mexican burrito.. Only healthier. 

In my house, we've been trying to stay gluten free... I've become pretty crafty since my husband is now gluten free.. Let me tell you, it's freakin hard. 

On tonight's menu, made Vietnamese spring rolls, the granola way. Landon gobbled it up! 

Here's our recipe: 

Vietnamese rice paper (in the "Asian" section at your grocery store)

2pc steamed pork cutlets (in 1 small pot, bring water to a boil and cook until done)

1/4 lb wild caught shrimp. (Cook then peel, sliced in 1/2)

3 eggs (beaten, fried with coconut oil)

Romain lettuce, spinach, kale & sliced cucumber.

Dipping sauce: Cashew butter (or peanut butter).. 1cup boiling water, 2 tbsp cashew, 1 tbsp hoisin sauce) stiruntil cashew butter melts forming a creamy sauce. 

Roll all ingredients until a wet rice paper.. 

Dip in sauce, enjoy! 

We served dinner with blubeerues, 2oz almond milk and coconut yogurt! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Toddler Meals: Beef & Greens Soup

Easiest soup... 

-2 cups low sodium chicken broth
-1lb ground beef
-2 cups rice trio
-2 cups kale
-cups peas

Cook ground beef until its ready..
Add chicken broth.. 
Bring to boil
Add rice, kale & peas


It's a little mild and bland but its super healthy. Super easy to eat! 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

"Ahoy! It's a boy" Baby Shower

I had the honor to help throw a baby shower to one of my dearest and best friends. It was such an honor and so much fun to do so. 

The theme was Nautical. We wanted to keep it clean, simple, sophisticated and classic.

I was responsible for invitations, welcome sign, some dessert and more...  I designed them and created them. Everything was custom.. from the invites, to the envelopes.. I was so excited when they were finished! next to my wedding invitations, I loved the way it turned out. 

Next was the welcome sign.. which I also created! It's my new favorite thing to do. I tried to keep it simple but once the chalk hit the board.. I just kept going! 

We greeted guest with a mimosa bar and some games before each guest headed outside.

The dessert bar was STUNNING! It was was filled with so much beautiful detail..

My cousin Francine made her famous Red Velvet White Chocolate chip cookies... It was delicious. I can't lie, I ate about 4-5.

Macarons were from Bon Epi. I also ordered these and I was really frustrated because I ordered 50 blue-velvet macarons, 20 red velvet, 10 vanilla and 10 coconuts and when I showed up, they were teal. I threw a tantrum and my husband had to literally pull me out of the cafe to get me to calm down. I will not use them again.

Other desserts served was Pie, These cute little anchor cookies that Melissa baked (adorable) and cup cakes.

The drink station was set up so cute. Lemonade and Iced Tea.. along with canned drinks with paper straws. So sweet looking!

The food buffet had the most amazing spread! 

Caprese Skewers & Fruit Salad from Yasmin (AMAZING)

The pasta salad was delicious, the Quiche.. OMG the QUICHE was scrumptious- and the blue berry muffins were baked fresh too. I couldn't get enough of brunch. I ate 2 servings!

Oh the TABLE SETTING.. SWOON! the table setting was straight out of a magazine! It was so nice.

I got these little sailboats while vacationing in Carolina Beach. It was perfect for the occasion! I was so excited to use them too!

and the Mommy-to-be- Vanessa! She looked so cute in her nautical striped dress!

Here is the Mommy to be with the hostesses! I love these girls!!

Group photo with all the girls... 

I really enjoyed this baby shower! It was filled with so much love and fun!