Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Latch Board for Landon

I've been eyeing this project for months and I finally mustered enough courage to make one for Landon! I went to Lowes to buy all my supplies. I had them cut down a board to make 11x11 pieces. The perfect size for a small toddler.

I sanded down the board to prevent splinters from forming. I also sanded sides and edges.

gave it a quick stain in charcoal.

painted the back and edges a mint green. super cute!

sprayed the board with acrylacq spray. Everything is non-toxic and water based. Perfect for kids.

I lined up all my latches, locks and door stops...

marked holes so my husband could drill holes for me.

I attached all my locks and used Epoxy glue to cement the key, the rubber caps onto the door stop and the large round rubber doorstop onto the board.

Watching him play with the board was priceless. It kept him so busy! I'm so happy I didn't make it any bigger than 11x11, he picks it up and walks around the house and carrying it from room to room. He's pretty careful with it and he hasn't dropped it on his foot. I did watch him walk over it and he had no issues! 

I also decided to sell these on Etsy. It's a little pricy, but totally worth it. I wish I could make it more affordable, but the latches are expensive and its very time consuming to make! hope you like them!

you can purchase it here or on

Here is a video of Landon playing with his board-


  1. SO cute! I totally want to make one of these!

    1. It's so easy! They're available on my etsy shop for purchase! I sell out quickly! Great as a holiday gift!

  2. Wow! That is so clever. Hmm maybe a husband project. And, I love your welcome picture.

    1. Thank you! we love a good halloween theme! thd board was pretty fun and easy to make!

  3. This is great! Where'd you get your acrylacq spray? I'm having trouble finding any.