Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Scaife Family Vacation- Carolina Beach, NC

Well, we decided to join my husbands family for an extended vacation to kick off  the last few weeks of Landon's first year!!

We are vacationing in Carolina beach, NC. My in laws have a beach house down here. it is such a quaint little tosn! All the homes are brightly colored, the beach is cool but not freezing or hot.. Landon's having an amazing time!

Lets talk about flying with a toddler... It's getting pretty challenging traveling with a kid that's mobile, teething and getting over a mild cold.. But WE DID IT!!

We decided to book a red eye flight.. I was very nervous because I wasn't sure how he would react... Well, we survived.. Barely!

We headed to the airport at 8:30... My husband dropped me, Landon & our luggage off at the curb while he dropped off our car for long term parking. I went in to wait.. It was nice because no one was at the airport.. 1 pt for booking a red eye flight!

Once we checked-in and checked all our luggage we went through security with a breeze.

Our checked luggage list:
Car seat w/ base
Stroller with stroller bag (brought the bugaboo because it can easily roll in sand)
2 suitcases

Our carry on list:
1 large diaper bag (I have a giant beach bag for vacations)
1 carry on luggage
Baby Bjorne
1 pillow ( I rolled the pillow and stuffed it in a small bag for easy carrying)

**i decided to carry him through the airport because he fell asleep during our drive and didn't want to disturb him... Which worked well for us, I only wished it was as easy on my back! Get a really good carrier ladies!**

We settled in on the plane and Landon was awake.. He played around while I wiped our seats, tray tables, walls, windows since he has a tendency to lick stuff...

I gave him this book to play with while we sanitized our area: (make sure you pack a zip lock bag filled with new & interesting things!)

As soon as we started taking off, I nursed during take off again when we were landing.

He slept for 98% of our flight.. Awake in the beginning and then when we Landed.

He was awake for 1.5 hours while we waited for our connecting flight.. I fed him some breakfast (1am our time), gave him snacks. We wiped down some airport chairs to let him climb around.. I gave him a new toy to play with.. He's really into cars and likes to say "vroooom" as he pushes it around. 

Once we were ready to board, I repeated the same steps as the first flight.

When we landed, my husband suggested I just carry him because it was a small airport and we didn't want to wake him up.. It wasn't easy carrying around a sleeping 20lb baby.. It felt more like a 40lb short person.. Lol!

Total amount of travel time: 6-7 hours (including driving to & from airport)

When my in laws saw him, I was able to hand him off... They took turns holding him and watching him sleep while we waited for luggage.

He slept all the way to our vacation home until I put him in his crib.. It was 4am PST... 

My husband and I were exhausted and Landon got a total of 6 hours of sleep, instead of 12. I got 40 minutes... Boo!! 

This trip would've been a 100% easy but about a week ago, Landon discovered how delightful it sounds when he screams.. So when he's frustrated or is bored, there is a loud pterodactyl squawking that starts... I hope my in laws don't hate me after 13 days... Wish us luck! 

Oh! Before I pack my bag to go home, I'll make sure I take a picture and get you all a post! 

I need an award that says, "I flew with my baby and I survived" and maybe 7 cocktails!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day weekend...

I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend!
We enjoyed most of our day at the beach! I must say, east coast beaching is WAY better that west coast! The water is calmer, warmer, clearer, and clean! We are SUPER happy!
Here we are with my husbands family... I seriously won the lottery marrying into the family! We even joke that if there's a divorce, I get his in laws! 

Here we are on the beach on Memorial Day! We had to sport some red, white & blue!

Landon in his little water pool! This is a neighbor of ours... They're 11 days apart!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Teething Pacifier Pops

We have a teething baby... He is going nuts! Sometimes our amber necklace can only go so far, so a few months ago, I decided to make him some popsicles!

He loves this! It keeps him super busy for about 15-20 minutes, soothes his gums and super nutritious.

So wether or not you're using breastmilk or formula.. or a fruit smoothie, this is super easy to make.

I fill his bottle cap with some milk, throw in a pacifier and pop it in the freezer over night.

once you're ready to use one, run it under some water for a few seconds to loosen the ice cube.. pop it out and it looks like this:

hand it to your teething babe and let him enjoy!

he loves it! he gets super excited when frees his pacifier!

this cube makes about 1oz of breast milk so its a great snack! 


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Landons Smash Cake Sneak Peek

My sister is creating Landon's 1st Birthday cake... So since she made a sample smash cake, we decided to have an impromptu photo session...

I cannot believe how ADORABLE these photos turned out!

Here are a few photos I managed to take! I'll post the edited versions this week!

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Landon is 11 Months

eep.. he's almost a year old!

I feel like month 10 just flew by.. heck, this first year is almost done... every month has been an adventure and I wouldn't trade it in for anything!

Weight: I'm not sure... he feels sturdy and I was just telling my husband the other day he looks like he's had a growth spurt.. taller, still lean.

Health: We are blessed to have him so healthy! He has 2 teeth coming in so we have drooling and a slight fever. We have a little moodiness but nothing terrible.

Sleep: We have conquered out sleep issues we struggled with last month... back on track. Our sleep scheduled is VERY consistent. 

sleep: 8pm-7:30am
naps: 10am-12pm and 2:30-3:30

We are very serious about sleep!

Social: Gosh, with his swim school and gymnastics  baby crossfit class... he loves attending school, he loves socializing with other children, its the adults he has issues with. Definitely stranger danger. he currently only likes me, my husband, his grandparents, his aunt cathy and our friend Vanessa. he takes a little time to warm up to certain people.. ahem uncle tony.  Many people tell me its because he's with me 24/7 and I need to just throw him to the wolves when we're out at family functions, but he's a sweetheart.. I don't mind sheltering him.

Diet: We've been eating... EVERYTHING. He is picky here and there, so I will just continue to offer the stuff he throws, but 89% of the time, he will eat it... especially if its pureed. he will eat almost anything pureed. he likes his fruits and veggies big enough to hold in his hand. I usually just pureed what we're having for dinner (spaghetti, soups, etc...)

Clothes: 6-12 clothing and 9+ month jammies. We are currently enjoying summer weather so he's been in lots of play clothes... most of the time he's in diapers and a pair of shorts. I would let him run around in his diaper but this kid has figured out how to take off his own diaper.

Baby Gear Love: We moved him to a convertible stroller (Clek foonf) and he was moved to the window in our car. He is loving his big boy carseat! We also introduced his batman push car. He loves his walkers, his car for walks and his tree swing! His most prized possession, his dog leiah. He spends most of his time tormenting her and as of the last 3-4 days, we've caught him biting her a few times. SHE is not happy.

Crying: not so much.. we do have a SCREAMING.. shrieking... banchee cry that creeps out when he's not allowed to do what he wants... or if I'm not sitting next to him on the floor. He doesn't like having to play on the floor by himself.

Likes: exploring drawers and cabinets, the dogs, long walks, swing, pop up books, dinosaurs, snacks and climbing... lots and lots of climbing.

Milestones: We have a few..
standing in the tub
standing on his own
says: Dog "Dah", turtle "tuh tuh", More, dada, mama, says "Ong" for grandpa in vietnamese, "Ba" for grandma in vietnamese. Favorite word: Bad Dog "bah dah"... then he points. when we say "NO", he points his little index finger and says "bah"
Signs: "all done", "milk" and "eat"
started swim school and gymnastics
cruising but doesn't let go to walk... he's so close too!
teeth 5-6 are starting to pop through

I'm going to take advantage of  EVERY MINUTE, EVERY HOUR, EVERY DAY until he turns 1! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Teaching Landon Sign Language

Landon is a very communicative baby, his verbal skills are impressive (at least to me) and a few months ago, I started doing simple signs with him..

please excuse the crazy hair and food on his face, we were eating breakfast!

The first sign I successfully taught him was "All done". we started with Mama and Dada but he started saying it, so we moved forward with "All done". now everything is ALL DONE. he's all done eating, he's all done pooing, all done sitting in his carseat, all done EVERYTHING when he's ALL DONE. 

next we tried Eat. When he's getting a little fussy, I ask him if he wants to eat... if he wants to eat, he will usually show me he would like something to "EAT"... and laughs. Once we did it enough times, he will crawl up and say "Mama" then show me "eat". it's really cute.

then I taught him "Milk" to nurse and he says "baba" for bottle. for awhile he would pull on my shirt in public or tap my chest and dip his head down to nurse, so I decided to teach him "Milk"... it makes me feel like a cow, but he will now sign "Milk" instead of throwing a tantrum.

he's pretty proud of his accomplishment! 

Here is a video of him successfully communicating with Sign...

if you have any questions on how I started or why... when.. feel free to ask! My only advice is to start off slow (1 at a time until they understand) and be consistent! 

The App I use is: baby sign and learn it's very easy!

Good Luck! XO

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Celebrating Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day!!

Last year, I celebrated Mother's day pregnant. It was very special... but this year, THIS YEAR was my very first official Mother's day and I got to hang out with the 2 men in my life!

It started off with a GIGANTIC chocolate cupcake that my husband got... I thought it was a joke when he came home with it because he doesn't eat chocolate anymore and a rarely eat sweets, but I had a slice with ice cream and its pretty delicious. it was the size of 4 cupcakes.. yea, its HUGE!

then these two cards... there was 3.. 1 from my husband, 1 from Landon and 1 from my pets.. but Landon's card was lost along the way.. so there was only 2. they're both super cute.

ooooh the roses.. were beautiful... and the colors were perfect! I couldn't have asked for anything more!! 

the night before, he gifted me a Juicy Shorts & sweatshirt set.. perfect for when we travel to Carolina Beach in a few weeks... I thought that was plenty! 

new outfit, roses, cards the perfect mother's day.. but in the morning, he told me he had a surprise... we took a road trip down to LaJolla to see our jeweler (same people who had my engagement ring).. and my husband gifted me these beauties... eternity bands!! I've been pestering him about my wedding bands, how they kept flipping down so I couldn't see the diamonds... PLUS i had to get my rings loosen because they were SO tight. They had a few styles I got to pick from and I felt that these were perfect! 

I think these are perfect!

Oh- and saturday, we celebrated with my whole entire family! My Grandmothers with most of their grandkids and great grand babies!

I hope you all had a beautiful mothers day filled with love!