Sunday, May 12, 2013

Celebrating Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day!!

Last year, I celebrated Mother's day pregnant. It was very special... but this year, THIS YEAR was my very first official Mother's day and I got to hang out with the 2 men in my life!

It started off with a GIGANTIC chocolate cupcake that my husband got... I thought it was a joke when he came home with it because he doesn't eat chocolate anymore and a rarely eat sweets, but I had a slice with ice cream and its pretty delicious. it was the size of 4 cupcakes.. yea, its HUGE!

then these two cards... there was 3.. 1 from my husband, 1 from Landon and 1 from my pets.. but Landon's card was lost along the way.. so there was only 2. they're both super cute.

ooooh the roses.. were beautiful... and the colors were perfect! I couldn't have asked for anything more!! 

the night before, he gifted me a Juicy Shorts & sweatshirt set.. perfect for when we travel to Carolina Beach in a few weeks... I thought that was plenty! 

new outfit, roses, cards the perfect mother's day.. but in the morning, he told me he had a surprise... we took a road trip down to LaJolla to see our jeweler (same people who had my engagement ring).. and my husband gifted me these beauties... eternity bands!! I've been pestering him about my wedding bands, how they kept flipping down so I couldn't see the diamonds... PLUS i had to get my rings loosen because they were SO tight. They had a few styles I got to pick from and I felt that these were perfect! 

I think these are perfect!

Oh- and saturday, we celebrated with my whole entire family! My Grandmothers with most of their grandkids and great grand babies!

I hope you all had a beautiful mothers day filled with love!


  1. Love the eternity bands!!! They look perfect with your ring!
    So glad you had a great FIRST mother's day!!

    1. Thanks Mama!! I hope yours was AMAZING!!