Friday, May 17, 2013

Landon is 11 Months

eep.. he's almost a year old!

I feel like month 10 just flew by.. heck, this first year is almost done... every month has been an adventure and I wouldn't trade it in for anything!

Weight: I'm not sure... he feels sturdy and I was just telling my husband the other day he looks like he's had a growth spurt.. taller, still lean.

Health: We are blessed to have him so healthy! He has 2 teeth coming in so we have drooling and a slight fever. We have a little moodiness but nothing terrible.

Sleep: We have conquered out sleep issues we struggled with last month... back on track. Our sleep scheduled is VERY consistent. 

sleep: 8pm-7:30am
naps: 10am-12pm and 2:30-3:30

We are very serious about sleep!

Social: Gosh, with his swim school and gymnastics  baby crossfit class... he loves attending school, he loves socializing with other children, its the adults he has issues with. Definitely stranger danger. he currently only likes me, my husband, his grandparents, his aunt cathy and our friend Vanessa. he takes a little time to warm up to certain people.. ahem uncle tony.  Many people tell me its because he's with me 24/7 and I need to just throw him to the wolves when we're out at family functions, but he's a sweetheart.. I don't mind sheltering him.

Diet: We've been eating... EVERYTHING. He is picky here and there, so I will just continue to offer the stuff he throws, but 89% of the time, he will eat it... especially if its pureed. he will eat almost anything pureed. he likes his fruits and veggies big enough to hold in his hand. I usually just pureed what we're having for dinner (spaghetti, soups, etc...)

Clothes: 6-12 clothing and 9+ month jammies. We are currently enjoying summer weather so he's been in lots of play clothes... most of the time he's in diapers and a pair of shorts. I would let him run around in his diaper but this kid has figured out how to take off his own diaper.

Baby Gear Love: We moved him to a convertible stroller (Clek foonf) and he was moved to the window in our car. He is loving his big boy carseat! We also introduced his batman push car. He loves his walkers, his car for walks and his tree swing! His most prized possession, his dog leiah. He spends most of his time tormenting her and as of the last 3-4 days, we've caught him biting her a few times. SHE is not happy.

Crying: not so much.. we do have a SCREAMING.. shrieking... banchee cry that creeps out when he's not allowed to do what he wants... or if I'm not sitting next to him on the floor. He doesn't like having to play on the floor by himself.

Likes: exploring drawers and cabinets, the dogs, long walks, swing, pop up books, dinosaurs, snacks and climbing... lots and lots of climbing.

Milestones: We have a few..
standing in the tub
standing on his own
says: Dog "Dah", turtle "tuh tuh", More, dada, mama, says "Ong" for grandpa in vietnamese, "Ba" for grandma in vietnamese. Favorite word: Bad Dog "bah dah"... then he points. when we say "NO", he points his little index finger and says "bah"
Signs: "all done", "milk" and "eat"
started swim school and gymnastics
cruising but doesn't let go to walk... he's so close too!
teeth 5-6 are starting to pop through

I'm going to take advantage of  EVERY MINUTE, EVERY HOUR, EVERY DAY until he turns 1! 


  1. I just love that lil guy and aww he likes me! Lol. Love all the pics!

    1. I think he liked you because you let him play in your kitchen! Lol