Thursday, May 16, 2013

Teaching Landon Sign Language

Landon is a very communicative baby, his verbal skills are impressive (at least to me) and a few months ago, I started doing simple signs with him..

please excuse the crazy hair and food on his face, we were eating breakfast!

The first sign I successfully taught him was "All done". we started with Mama and Dada but he started saying it, so we moved forward with "All done". now everything is ALL DONE. he's all done eating, he's all done pooing, all done sitting in his carseat, all done EVERYTHING when he's ALL DONE. 

next we tried Eat. When he's getting a little fussy, I ask him if he wants to eat... if he wants to eat, he will usually show me he would like something to "EAT"... and laughs. Once we did it enough times, he will crawl up and say "Mama" then show me "eat". it's really cute.

then I taught him "Milk" to nurse and he says "baba" for bottle. for awhile he would pull on my shirt in public or tap my chest and dip his head down to nurse, so I decided to teach him "Milk"... it makes me feel like a cow, but he will now sign "Milk" instead of throwing a tantrum.

he's pretty proud of his accomplishment! 

Here is a video of him successfully communicating with Sign...

if you have any questions on how I started or why... when.. feel free to ask! My only advice is to start off slow (1 at a time until they understand) and be consistent! 

The App I use is: baby sign and learn it's very easy!

Good Luck! XO


  1. Landon is one smart kid. It's always amazing to watch kids that knows how to use sign language. This is a great help for them not to have tantrums because they can easily express their wants and needs. You're definitely one proud mommy!
    Lynelle Mcbee @

    1. Lynelle- definitely! Thank you so much!

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  3. I was wondering at what age you started him? My son is 7 months old now, and I have been wanting to start but haven't. I am hoping I am not too late. :)

    1. Jess we started at 6-7 months! It's never too late to start or too early!