Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Teething Remedies: Amber Necklaces

Let's talk about teething.. I hear horror stories of drooling, fussiness, fevers, swollen gums.. Non-stop crying when teething starts. It's a bitch! 

Around 4 months Landon started seriously teething. We wanted to utilize the "homeopathic" route. We wanted to avoid giving medicine and after talking to multiple mamas and our pediatrician, they recommended we try an Amber necklace. 

Our ped suggested that we use the necklace around his ankle to avoid strangling and choking. 

He encouraged us to try it out and let us know that teething starts around 3-4 months but the teeth actually pops through within a 72 hour window. Around then, if Landon needs Tylenol, I can give him some to ease his pain. (Which totally did when necessary)

So at first, my husband was super against this necklace. But after spending 6-7 hours alone with Landon without the necklace, I came home to my husband and son quietly sitting on the couch with his necklace on. :) that's how much we love this thing.. It has helped is survive 8 teeth & 2 molars!

I'm a huge fan of these necklace. I even wear one on my wrist. I recommend buying raw amber, unpolished necklaces in either harvest or lemonade.

You can get then at: inspiredbyfinn.com or HERE

Until 8/15/2013, I can offer a 25% off coupon code: AnNg25 

Try them out and let me know what you think!


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