Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Madison's Ariel Birthday Party

Over the weekend, we attended a birthday party.. Landon's friend Madison turned 3.

Lets start with the invitation.. It was the cutest little invite! I love creative details! Even my husband smiled when he saw it! 

The dessert bar was so adorable!!! We tried everything but the cake. It was delicious! 

The cake was so intricate and vibrant!! 

Her marshmallow pops were homemade and Landon got his first taste of sugary Marshmallows!! 

So cute!

When I saw Sebastian on a cupcake, it brought back childhood memories!! Every detail of the party was so impressive!

Centerpieces were simple and perfect! A little gold fish in a bowl. It kept Landon interested while I ate tacos.. (They used the same taco guy from Landon's 1st birthday party!)

Landon enjoyed the fishing game. He kept going back to fish and clean up after the other children!

We also got him to finally go into a bounce house!  He ran back and forth and laughed! He's really learning how to interact with other children!! 

After lunch, the birthday girl got dressed for her surprise!!! She was shocked to see Ariel!

This was the most impressive Ariel I've ever met! 

All the children gathered around to hear a story. When Ariel started singing, Landon was mesmerized. He gave her a standing ovation and cheered. It was pretty funny!

Look at my kid walking around acting like he's interacting with the other children! So nosy!! 

We had such an amazing time! Everyone was so nice and sweet! 


  1. Ah-maxing! Can she come decorate for Sawyers party?!

  2. Wow!! What an awesome party to attend! I'm so glad you shared so many pictures, I have lots of ideas for my daughters future parties now!

    1. It was such a great party! She put together her daughters outfit and everything!

  3. What an awesome theme!!! Love it! The cake was beautiful!

    1. The dessert bar was pretty awesome! Chocolate fountain and everything!

  4. Oh My Gosh Love The Theme =)
    Love the blog

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    1. I know right?!! MAkes me want a girl SooOoo bad!!

      Thank you!