Thursday, August 15, 2013

Landon Is 14 Months

My little Monkey is growing up too fast. The other day, I looked at him and he looked like he has had a growth spurt! He looks so tall and cute. I love him SO SOOoooOo so MUCH!

Weight: We weighed him on the home scale and he weighed 22.5 lbs. (that's 2lbs since his 12 month check up). WOW.

Health: He's such a super healthy kid! Eats well, sleeps well, we are blessed!

Sleep: Oh sleep. Since weaning him he's  been acting pretty moody. He asks for BaBa from everyone. My mom, my aunt, his dad, my dad, his cousins.. he really misses his bottle but it's been 4 weeks since he's had one! Anyway,  without his night time bottle, he keeps waking up at 4 am asking to nurse.. If I nurse him, he will go back down until 6-7. So I backtracked a little bit. A few days ago, I started giving him warm almond milk at night. we started with 2oz for a few days, then 4, 5.. now 6oz. I might be jinxing myself but the last few days, he's been sleeping from 7:30-8am then has 1 nap a day (sometimes 2). 

Social:  He is very social. With my mom in treatment for cancer, Landon's been visiting my aunt for about 7 hours every 21 days. She has 3 kids. The two younger ones are 7 & 10. Landon loves them. He has a little stranger anxiety when I drop him off but it only lasts about 5-10 minutes.

Diet:  well- he's been eating SO SO SO much since last month. Since we weaned him, he's really grown a huge appetite. I'm making him 3 meals a day and he eats what I eat, which is nice. Tons of fruits and veggies in his diet. We serve 2oz of milk with every meal. I also give him yogurt with regular cows milk as well.

Clothes: 12-18 months & size 4-4.5 shoe!! 

Crying: only when I drop him off, it gets better after a few days. He does get very clingy and when I come to pick him up, he will quickly say "bye, bye bye" and wave good bye.

Likes: he likes balls, cars, push cars, his bikes, locks, doorbells, bath time, his kitchen.

Milestones-Climbing.. climbs on the couch and now we can't get him off the couch! We say a lot of, "get down" & "careful!!!"

words: Treat "tweeet" (for the dogs), hot dog "haw daw", leiah (our poodle) "yeayah" maddox (our yorkie) "dado", toilet paper "tee tee" for wiping when hes done peeing in the toilet, Eat "eee", Shoe, Socks "so", shirt "shhht", shorts "Shot", bird "Bur", Tree "Tee", hello "heyo", Bye "buh bye".. lots of words.. 

Dada, dog "dah", Ba (grandma), please "peaz", done, poo, help "hew", up "puh", water "wahwah", bottle "bah", milk "bah"...

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