Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lucy Addison Scaife!

Well, it's about time introduced our newest addition! 

Sweet Lucy.. Was stubborn as a mule during my pregnancy but she has been nothing but kind since her arrival!

She made her debut on May 24th, 2014 @ 10:54 pm. Weighing a wopping 8lbs 12 oz and measured 19.5" long! 

As you can see, big brother Landon is I love with his little sister! We were lucky to have the hospital photographer in the room when big brother arrived to meet his sister! She really captured such a pivotal moment in our lives! 

We are in love! I'm going to catch you all up on the details ASAP! It's been a bit nutty since I brought her home but we are trying to manage! 

For now.. We are a happy family of 4! 


  1. Beautiful pictures! Great ones for the photographer to capture. I can't imagine the transition it takes going from 3 to 4 - I bet it sure is nutty, have fun falling into a good routine.

    1. Awe thank you!! We are excited to figure this all out! Xo