Friday, December 9, 2011

The pants no longer button

So I stopped buttoning my pants, and I'm ok with that.

Is it shameless?

I did buy a pair of $10 stretch jeans at forever and It fits.. It zips.. It even buttons, but I can't sit down...

So luckily my cousin Linda sent me these awesome tummy sleeves and told me to use a hair tie as an extension. Viola, instant comfort.

Skinny stretch jeans are def better than regular. They're softer and more comfy.

Also, this is depressing.. But I'm no longer a size 0.. Actually, I should say,
I'm no longer able to zip my size 0 work skirts. I can wear the work pants unbuttoned with a tummy sleeve but no more skirts.

Fyi, It's very traumatizing.

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