Monday, July 16, 2012

Landon's 1st Month...

I'm going to switch up my blog a little bit!

I'll try to update monthly along with special holidays... so this blog post will be long, I'll catch up!

So Lets start with the day he was born. Born early but perfect! I must admit he's a pretty handsome guy! Most will say He is a splitting image of me while others will say he looks like my husband!!

Landon on the night he was born!

Landon @ 24 hours!

He Makes the sweetest facial expressions and I am constantly staring at his beautiful face. He loves to smile and giggle in his sleep, I often catch him talking to himself when he's awake. His little noises, gurgles, farts, everything makes me smile! I might be a little obsessed with him.. just a little.. ok, a lot!

He fit perfectly into in newborn clothes for 2 weeks. At week 3, they fit VERY snug... I can still get him in & out of the onesies but I worry about dislocating his arms. At week 3, he was in between sizes Newborn-0-3. Carter's 0-3 were a no go, they were basically Newborn sizes (shrinks 1/2" all around!!!), so For a week, you looked almost homeless in your big boy clothes. Now at week 4, you're fitting in it so nicely!

His First Doctors appointment went by quickly! His birth weight went down to 6lbs 9oz. His length grew 1/2" and he was taken off of formula and officially 100% on breast milk. Dr. Mike is his Pediatrician! He's super nice and hands on with him! We love that he is very supportive of our concerns when it comes to Landon and he's open to sit down and talk about our concerns.

We Celebrated our 1st father's day after Landon's arrival. My husband is IN LOVE with his new best friend. He's a super expert at changing diapers now, he loves everything about his lil man and he's been super hands on about being a dad. He is an amazing father and he's the best husband. We are a very blessed family!

well... that was a month in a nutshell! I promise to keep up now that we're all settled!

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