Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mommy, employee, business owner, wife, daughter.. Magician.

Well, I went back to work last week and it felt super strange to do so. I did jump right back into it without tears, but I find myself skipping through the hospital corridors daydreaming about my baby. He's just so awesome. A huge part of me is torn, When preparing myself to leave in the morning, I have to remind myself, "millions of moms go back to work.. you can do it.. he will be O.K"... and off I go. Luckily, I work from home 2-3 days a week, so I can still hear his little voice chatting up my husband or My mom.

The biggest challenge about returning to work.. I don't work in an office therefor, pumping has been pretty interesting. I travel with my pump, a car adapter and a cooler. The Medela storage bags are a lot easier to use than the bottles. HOWEVER, if you're not careful while finishing up, it could literally explode on you. I now carry a change of work clothes with me. Luckily, a few months ago, I transitioned into scrubs- easy to change in & out of!

The business has taken a back seat lately. I needed a break to figure out life as a mother. its been really hard to get back into it since I have other priorities.

wife duties... lets just say, my husband is the husband, wife and father. lol he's my super hero. he took over our cooking since I had Landon and I know I'm a little spoiled, but I'd like to let him continue cooking lol. I'm slowly getting back into cooking but the day just passes me by and it gets too hectic!

Overall, motherhood is everything I've been waiting for, Landon has a sweet personality. He cries for 3 things, food, a clean diaper and a nap. Sometimes, I forget that he needs to be held and snuggled because he likes to just lounge around and sleep, play or swing.

Since becoming a mom, I must admit, I admire mothers. It's a challenging job. it's not only a full time job, its a 24/7 ALL DAY job. I admire women who can do it alone and I'm so happy I don't have too! My favorite thing to do, talk with other nursing mothers.. especially at Nordstroms while we're all sitting in the ladies bathroom. lol.

for those of you who are reading this- I'm grateful to have you as followers. I hope this blogs helps all new mommies!


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  1. It's great to meet you Anna! I admire mothers too. You sound like you're doing great so far!;)
    Courtney~LaDy LaDuke