Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Push Presents and Must Have Products!

I suppose while I'm trying to give birth to my son and the nurse says,

"Ok sweetheart, we need a few good pushes. I know you're tired, what will it take to get this going?"

and my husband chimes in and says, "what do you want babe. anything... name it!"

and I scream "I. WANT. A. PRESENT." as the contraction kicks in and I give a push.

he says, "YES. a present. ok ok, I'll give you a present. now PUSH"...

I give another push...


he says, "ok ok anything anything you want... just PUSH!!"

and then I forgot about wanting presents.. i just wanted the dr to come in and get the baby out... after I had him, I completely forgot about a push present...

a week went by, it was fathers day... a month went by, it was his birthday... then our 2 year wedding anniversary... I forgot about presents and focused on our little family.

Well, for our anniversary, I got to design some beautiful new wedding bands.. I've been wanting eternity bands! I have to wait until my finger returns to its normal size since I STILL can't remove my engagement ring!

so after 2 months... he took me and the baby to his favorite mall... South Coast Plaza... where this beauty entered my life. My first prada purse. I.LOVE.IT. he's the best!!

now onto products that I LOVE:

First off, it's very hard for me to get Landon interested in a pacifier. sometimes when he's desperate, he will take it from anyone... but its very rare.

here is an adorable video my sister took of him successfully taking a pacifier while she baby sat. It makes me laugh!!

So we tried a few different brands and our favorite Pacifier is actually the Philips Avent BPA free soothie. the same one you get at the hospital. they sell them at Babies R Us for $4.99 a pair. The blue ones are harder then the green ones for some reason.

He also LOVES his Sassy Letter Links!

we attach them to his Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Deluxe Musical Mobile Gym

He spends A LOT of time enjoying his gym! it's really cute watching him play!

I also ordered a carseat cover from etsy:

and I just ordered this today: a nursing cover and I'm super excited to try it out!I didn't want something too loud, I wanted it to look like I'm wearing a top!
this is from: http://www.ladyladuke.com

THose are my favorite products.. what are yours?

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