Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Baby Landon Is 2 Months!

Baby Landon is 2 months already!! I can't believe how fast time flies by!


At our 7 Week appointment, Landon had his first set of shots scheduled. We did split up the shots and have an amazing pediatrician who understands our needs and wants! Landon now weighs 11 lbs 8 oz! In 15 days since his 1 month appointment he Grew 2" in length (totaling 23.6"). I'm guessing within the last 2 weeks, he's gained another lb or so.

Speaking of SHOTS He took it like a champ. Well not really, he cried a cry I haven't heard since the minute I gave birth to him, but he stopped crying the minute I fed him. Next time, I might just feed him the second after the shot is done to help him sooth the pain! My aunt also suggested giving him 1/2 a dose of infant tylenol 30 minutes before and after the shot, I didn't do this, but he go a lot of cuddling that day. and that' was perfectly fine by me!


Well, he's doing VERY well. his cheeks are getting chubbier and CHUBBIER by the day and I LOVE IT!! He loves his listening to his Baby Einstien CD's his Aunt linda gave him! He enjoys his swing, almost TOO MUCH. He takes a nap in it during the day. Spitting up has started as well as slight drooling but that's ok. Girls rule and Boys drool right? His hair is filling in nicely and his eye color has lightened to a hazel. He looks a lot like his dad! His eyelashes have grown Long and he has discovered his hands and there are days where if we're not careful, he will scratch his face and give a hard grab on his hair!! so I keep his nails short (trimming them almost twice a week using our safety 1st baby fingernail clippers)!


you sleep from 8-12 PM, wake up to feed, back to sleep around 12:45-4:30 AM and then 5-8 AM. Your Nap schedule is: 11-2 PM and sometimes 4:30-6PM. 1 nap is taken in your swing and the other is either on the couch OR in your pack n play. If I'm lucky, you might wait until 5 to take your nap and I get to snuggle with you while you're sound a sleep. You naturally gravitate to me and I love it.


you wear 0-3 in GAP and Ralph Lauren. and then 3-6 in Carters, Hurley and Gymboree. When you first came home from the hospital, you could barely fit into newborn. Then one day, you just GREW and never looked back! You're also quickly growing out of your size 1 Diapers (we had a few boxes to mow through too!!) I'm guessing within this week, we will finish the rest of your size 1 pampers and move up a size by Saturday!! We are not a fan of huggies AT ALL. We also like the Pampers natural wipes.

DIET strictly BREASTMILK... and you LOVE it! You must have a very strong stomach because we haven't had any difficulties with you digesting Breastmilk. (we did purchase gripe water to help you, but your pediatrician recommended that I watch my diet and give you a 1/4 tsp of camomile tea if you show signs of gas/pain.. but nothing. you fart like a real boy but it doesn't seem to bother you at all! you're happy happy happy!


you are getting stronger with every minute of Tummy Time... but you hate it. HATE it. We must Persevere. You will get the hang of it. You are successfully holding little toys and you will hang onto it for as long as you can. Today, you held your Letter O sassy link for almost 3o minutes. Just shaking it. It was cute! You can push your little toys dangling from your mobile and you are VERY alert when items swing above your head. You will stare at your stuff for awhile. You also started to smile. Not too often, but you do here and there. You're more of an observer than anything. You like to look around and take it all in. but we LOVE your smile and we welcome it!


dirty diapers, hunger and when you're tired. Oh, also when you're getting your shots. Actually, the other day, you swung one of your mobile toys and it smacked you in the face. You cried and I don't know who was more upset about this, you or your dad... but you definitely know pain.


Well, for you, everyday is a milestone! But for your mom and dad, you've been successfully babysat by your Aunt Cathy (WHO YOU LOVE and LOVES U!) and by your Ong Ba Ngoai (my parents) so we could do the following:

Celebrate your daddy's Birthday
Had a Double Date with Aunt Vanessa and Uncle Andrew at the OC fair!
Had a Movie Date with your Aunt V & A again.

Also, I got pretty comfortable going out alone with you. Our first outing alone was to the mall to go shopping for your Dad.

Then We went out and about when your cousins Nina and Syndi came to visit. Its pretty exhausting taking you out all day but you love it!

Also, Now that I'm back to work full time and Daddy's been super busy with work, Ba Ngoai has stepped in to watch you while we're out bringing home the bacon! I'm so lucky to have your grandparents living nearby (3 miles away!)

Oh, it was your brother Maddox's Birthday! He turned 4. He worries about you... he can't seem to handle your arrival and spends his nights in a different room. Leiah however LOVES you. She loves everything about you and she stays by your side.

POSTPARTUM I've been very active as of Month 2. I'm following a pretty vigorous diet to keep my Breastmilk flowing so you can stay healthy and strong. I love it. It makes sure I'm eating healthy and eating enough since I'm working so hard lately!! I have lost ALL of the pregnancy weight, now I have to tone up. I've called a few pilates studios to start working out but Mainly its a lot of driving, walking, shopping and breastfeeding! I got this meal plan from babycenter and it helps!

Your Dr has approved swim time! You're using California Baby Sunblock (SPF 30) and wearing size 3-6 month swimmies from Gymboree. We Love the pool and bath. You seem to love water (like your dad!) We give you a water bath almost every night but we only use soap once a week (we use aveeno soap, baby shampoo and cephlaphil lotion).

Well My LOVE, congratulations on reaching your 2 month!! You are a joy to us! we Love you more and more each day!!


  1. my dr said not to take tylenol prior to shots..cause it may hide "reactions" from the shots..that they would want to know.. :) thought id pass that info on.. he goes for his 4 month on friday.ugh.. may split up shots too.. i hate them!! i hate them! I hate them!

  2. we have that crab onesie too!! Eli wore it to his first doctor's appointment!

  3. Just an fyi I wanted to share…a friend of mine split up her baby's shots and at one year was backed up; she had to get so many that she ended up in the hospital for nearly a week due to reactions. I didn't split up my son's and we've never had any issues. He's gotten 2-3 tops at appts and they are horrible to watch but make me feel good that he is protected!

    1. Thank you! We split them and never did more than 2. It's the 4-5 shots at a time that not comfortable with. We are at 22 months now and he's healthy!