Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fly BABY Fly...

Have you ever sat next to a crying, screaming baby on a plane? well, try flying next to my baby, you won't even realize that he's there... because he's awesome!

over the weekend, my husband and I took a quick flight to PA to visit his family. We wanted to introduce Landon to my husbands family and it was great!!

so lets get down to business...

When we talked about traveling on a plane, I immediately started planning, researching and asking questions to other traveling mommies. I felt 100% prepared once we started packing!

This is for a short direct flight (4.5 hours)what to check and what to carry on.

flying must haves

Packing for the flight:

Travel accessories:
Carseat base
baby bjorn

diaper bag
1 manual hand pump(if breastfeeding)- make sure its ready to go in a ziplock bag
breastfeeding cover
1 dress (just incase)& light sweater (I packed these in my purse)
5-7 diapers (you can never have enough!)
3 changes of clothes, socks and mittens
1-2 blankets
enough pacifiers
pacifier clip (must prevent them falling on the ground!)
a few toys
hand sanitizer

**if you are ziplock bag hoarder like I am.. I organize everything with ziplocks**

So here was our flight.

I dressed Landon in his Jammies. I fed him & bathed him right before we headed to the airport. Once we got to the airport, we loaded the stroller with his boppy, his diaper bag, my purse.

at the airport while my husband checked the luggage and car seat base (free), I put Landon into the baby bjorn so we could walk him through security.

during the security check point, we shuffled everything through the x-ray machines, I walked right through with Landon and then they swabbed my hands and arms (I used the hand sanitizer immediately).

**If you have pumped breast milk, they take that with clean gloves and put it in some machine to check for chemicals.**

I kept him in the bjorn until we boarded the plane. We used the stroller w/car seat to push my husbands carry-on and all of our crap. The stroller w/car seat was tagged and checked at the gate.

Once we boarded, the passenger sitting next to us had the look of fear on his face. he literally looked scared... lol.

Once I sat down, I removed him from the bjorn (put it under the seat)
put on my breastfeeding cover and prepped for take-off.

As the plane began taking off, I fed him so his ears could pop.

Once he was happily fed, He went onto the boppy for a nap. He slept like this for 2 hours. I like the boppy because he was more relaxed sleeping in it. When he woke up, I changed him and he sat in his boppy looking around, smiling and relaxing for a few more hours.

As we prepared for landing, I put back on the nursing cover and nursed him until we landed. when he finished, he was burped and put back into the baby bjorn.

we de-boarded and were off to enjoy our trip!

At the end of our flight, the guy sitting with us told us Landon was awesome!!

Happy Travels everyone!!

**Consult with your pediatrician when you plan on traveling. Landon had his first set of shots a little early (2 weeks before our flight- which is enough time for the vaccination to kick in) so we could fly to PA**


  1. i can only hope our little one is this good with our upcoming travel in a month! thanks for the tips!

    1. It's easier to fly when they're young! You'll do great! Good Luck!