Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby Landon is 3 months!

WOW... 3 months already! Time is flying by!! Slow down little man!


At our 12 week appointment, we returned to get 2 shots! Landon Weighed 14.10lbs. yes. that's my chubby bunny for you! He also measured 24". The first vaccination he took orally. HE drank it with a smile. his second was a shot and he screamed and was so very upset! I nursed him right away and was was fine afterwards!

Well, Landon has a slight case of Eczema. We are monitoring his dry skin and keep him moisturized 3-4 times a day. I haven't found a shampoo/soap that I love but I use Cetaphil lotion and that works well. In the AM i use Cetaphil and then aquaphor on top of it. Also, I think we will have to get him his first haircut soon! He has 2 little knot tangles! We stopped swaddling him with blankets and we are now using swaddleMe wraps and we love it. It keeps super snug and he sleeps so well! Also, we got him the boppy noggin pillow to help him with his slight flat head. it seems to help!


this is a HUGE milestone. at the beginning of month 3, we started letting him nap in his room. After the first week, I had him sleep his first shift in his crib (7:30PM-2AM). About the 3rd week of his transition, he adjusted to sleeping a full night in his own room! It went so smoothly that we never looked back! I think moving him into his own room was actually harder on his dad but we're all sleeping very well like this. His new schedule is:

7:30 AM- wake up, nurse.

8:00-9:30AM- play downstairs with Daddy

9:30-10:30 AM- morning nap

10:30AM- feeding

11:00AM- Play and Learning time (read books, tummy time etc)

1:00 PM- feeding

1:30-3:00 PM- Afternoon Nap in swing... (if he's not in the swing he only sleeps for about 45 minutes.

3:00 PM- feeding

3:30-5 PM- Play- walk around the house.. sing etc

5:30- feeding

6:00-6:30 bath

6:30-7:00 play

7:00 PM- feeding, burped, placed in crib awake...

7:30PM- 2AM Sleep- (I PUMP AT 11 PM)


2:30AM-7:30 SLEEP!

He is an amazing baby! He has the sweetest personality and he's such a good sleeper! I quickly established a schedule for him and he works very well!


He can still squeeze into size 3-6 Clothes in Carters and Gap. Its becoming VERY snug!!! 6 in Ralph Lauren and I'm sure by the end of this week, we will move him into 6-9 weeks. He is in size 2 diapers. I'm pretty sure that will change soon since he's been blowing out of his diapers lately. We also plan to start potty training soon... maybe tomorrow.


Breastmilk and still going strong! He takes it from a bottle and he has a very strong stomach! I literally can eat anything and everything and he's lays Gas toots like a real man and he has yet to have constipation (knock on wood!). I guess we're doing something right since he weighs 14.10 lbs!


Well he's still doing tummy time, still HATES it. He can lay there for hours playing but he only tolerates tummy time for about 5-10 minutes. he can sit through all his books during reading time, looking at every page- absorbing all the information, HE LOVES reading and we LOVE reading to him. He enjoys holding his toys and nibbling on it. on September 4th, he discovered his fingers and they went straight into his mouth. he enjoys blowing bubbles and he's laughs, smiles and sticks his tongue out. He is stronger left handed. He really has great eye contact and he is super chatty!


He has developed a little stranger anxiety. For some reason, he gets a little fussy when there is a large crowd but wants to still party. Its very strange! He will stay up and people watch but doesn't like people holding him. IF you hold him, he likes to face out so he can people watch. lol. He doesn't even cry when he wakes up, he'll lightly call us up and stare at his monitor until we come and fetch him. even then, he has a smile. He might fuss when he needs a diaper change and the minute he's in his carseat, he wants his pacifier. When he's at my mothers, he wants a pacifier as well, but he doesn't take one at home... so crying, PSHHHHHH what crying? I literally have to remind him to eat because he rarely cries when he's hungry!


1. fully transitioned into own room.
2. only 1 middle of the night feeding. (about 1:30AM)
3. blowing bubbles, laughing and smiling
4. cooing and babbling.
5. Aunt Vanessa insists that he said "MAaaaa-MAH"
6. He's been on a plane and He's visited with family back east!


Well I started working out to tone up. I've lost all of my pregnancy weight but I was feeling giggly. the weird thing is, I think my hips have gotten wider because I still can't fit into my old pants. I do my insanity workout DVD every night next to my husband! After my workout, we sit in our hot tub to relax. I love that he's sleeping through longer stretches and so it's nice to have relaxation time with him hubby! I'm still following my meal plan from baby center and I also started branching off but still staying healthy! I'm proud to say since having landon, I've only been to McDonalds about 3 times?? I feel healthier and happier and full of energy!

I still can't believe he's 3 months!! I must sound like a broken record, but our time has passing us by. Everyday is an exciting adventure and I can't believe how fast he's growing!

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