Monday, September 17, 2012

must have products- 3 months

Well, we've reached month 3 and here is a basic rundown of our MUST have products!

***First is our Little Lamb Swing from Fisher-Price... what on earth would my husband do without this??? Landon LOVES his swing! He will take a 2-3 hour nap in it everyday. I and nervous for the day where he's too heavy to fit in it anymore!! It is a must have in our house and it sits perfectly in the corner of our living room!

***Our monitor- Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Video Monitor is amazing! You can even hear him breathing!! I love that it is colored during the day and night vision at night! We did a lot of research on Baby Monitors and we use it EVERY night while he sleeps in his own room! Of course I sleep with the monitor RIGHT NEXT TO MY FACE- but he's sleeping longer hours and this monitor is A MUST!

***These Summer Infant Swaddleme blankets are AMAZING!!! They keep him super snug and safe! We loved his Swaddle blankets while he was smaller, but he started wiggling out of it and he was getting too long for them. Enter these amazing wraps and life was changing! sometimes I watch him (in the monitor) magically squirming out of them, but 95% of the time, he sleeps snug as a bug!

*** The Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support is a MUST have right now. We noticed Landon developing a little flat head. My friend had suggested we buy this pillow to help "prevent" flat head and we LOVE it! Its been a week and he's no longer sleeping on the left side. I ordered a second pillow so we could have 1 in his crib and 1 downstairs!

*** MAM baby teethers- I got one of these at my baby shower as a gift and when Landon was old enough to start holding his own toys and the minute he discovered his hands could go into his mouth, I gave him some toys. This item is awesome! He loves chewing on it and it's easy to hold! I got him a few different styles in the same brand!

***Well, Many moms recommended this Little Noses Saline Drops.. it works like a charm! you just put 1-2 drops into his nose and suck it out with the bulb. LOVE it!

*** Tiny Love On the Go Mobile I was very excited to get this item for his carseat! Unfortunately, it is too big for the Graco SnugRide 35... but we switched it out with his mobile on his Play Gym.. it plays music for 30 minutes and he lays there staring at it! As soon as he transitions into a regular stroller, I'm sure we can use it there too!

***Sassy Flip Grip Rattles Easy to grip and Easy to shake! They're lightweight and he loves them!

***Baby Einstein Neptune Soother OOOh my, we introduced this last week and WOW, HE LOVES IT! We are able to put him in his crib at 7-7:3-PM wide awake and he will just listen to the music, stare at the little objects moving and within 10 minutes, he's asleep! I love it!

***Cloud B Twilight Turtle This little guy is also in his crib with him. It's more for me so I can see him while I'm checking on him at night! It's also cute and the little lights that projects onto the walls are awesome!

***Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Deluxe Musical Mobile Gym Fisher-Price GOSH, when I went looking for Mobile Play Gyms, I REALLY stood there and checked out ALL the different gyms! THis particular one is a favorite and I cannot get enough of it! He Plays in this for at least an hour a day! I love that we can take it apart and travel with it!

Well, We love it and I hope that these items help out!


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