Monday, September 24, 2012

Scrub a dub dub!

We LOVE bath time! We give Landon a bath almost every night at 6 PM. HE.LOVES.IT!! HE doesn't mind water on his face or anything!!

*We give him water baths every night and we use shampoo and soap once a week.
*Landon also gets his nails cut once a week
*He uses his cetaphil moisturizing lotion 3 times a day for his infant Eczema.

Here is a photo of my babes enjoying his bath!

And He loves his little towels! Keeps him warm and toasty!

Now bath time can be REALLY fun! It's a little scary at first but once I started giving him baths and realized how much he enjoys it, its become one of our nightly rituals to get him to sleep!

the whale tub. We've never given Landon baths in the sink, it's always been in this little tub- Inside the big tub! you really can't go wrong with the whale tub, it seems big at first but they'll grow in and out of it in no time!

** Whale spout cover- It was one of our must haves- the last thing I wanted was for him to bump his head! LOVE IT.

** Octopus Floating Bath Thermometer- this little item should be #1 on everyones list! My sister got this for me. It basically tells you if the bath is cold, ideal or HOT. you want it at ideal. My husband gets really nervous around hot substances and this device really eases his mind!

**1 Towel & 2 Wash clothes. I put one wet towel on his chest and the other I use to scrub him clean!

**Aveeno Baby Wash and Shampoo- is a great product because it has natural oats and helps with his Eczema.

** Mustela Dermo-Cleansing Shampoo... Landon has cradle cap and so far- this shampoo helps it! I put a pea size on his wash cloth and scrub his scalp- then gently rinse!

**Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion - this product is great! It keeps him moisturized, he doesn't look greasy and its light weight! I also use it as well since I stopped using frou frou smelling soaps and lotions. It ensures that he won't get an allergy to my skin since I also breastfeed him!

Remember- Bath time is fun time!

p.s. I also started infant potty training. I will post about it this week!


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  1. We have that bath spout cover and it is so cute! Landon is adorable in his little towel!!