Friday, October 19, 2012

Baby Landon is 4 months...

I almost let his 4 month slip right by me... but O.M.G... my BABY.IS.4.MONTHS... already!!!!


At his 4 month wellness check up, Landon had a great visit! He measured 25" tall, weighed 15 lbs 12 oz with a hefty 42.3 CM head circumference... lets just say it how it is.. he's a beefy kid and I LOVE it! He also had 2 sets of shots where we immediately nursed him and he felt much better.

he is as healthy as can be... thank you jesus! We did experience our first family cold. nothing a little steam shower couldn't cure.. we also discovered a battery operated nasal aspirator and it worked wonders! According to his Ped, it wasn't a real cold, it was just a reaction to our flu shot...

He is still a super AMAZING sleeper!! We are on a great schedule for a good nights sleep!! starts with dinner as a family, bath, lotion, Jammies, read 2 books, nurse, kiss him good night and sing him his good night song... put him in his crib and off he goes to dreamland! He also loves to be swaddled!

He can fit in some 3-6 but he's moving up to 6-9 month clothing. He is also wearing size 3 pampers. I must admit tho, he spends a lot of time in just a bib and diapers... I swear he's like an oven... I rarely put him in PJ's because when I go to un-swaddle him, he's very warm and sweaty.


Breastmilk.. boobjuice... I'm apparently moonlighting as one of the 8 maids of milking because the kid is taking 7-8 oz per feeding! We also decided that I would nurse him through winter and postpone baby food until 6 months! Even though he isn't eating real meals, he still gets to join us for dinner and HE LOVES to socialize!


We hit some major Milestones... On Oct 9 he rolled over. It started off on the bed, he was laying in between my husband and I and just rolled into me... from then on, with a slight nudge, he would roll over onto his belly. I must admit that he's pretty content on his back but his head is high and he's pretty proud of his accomplishment! He also Loves his excersaucer!! First few times in, he discovered how to move back and forth in a circle.. he loves looking at all the different animals and after about a week with his excersaucer, he started really pounding at his toys and talking to his birds!

He's discovered his hands... most days, he has both hands in his mouth. he enjoys 1,2,sometimes 3 fingers in his mouth at once... its almost an obsession.

He also enjoys bathtime, now he likes to kick water around and it really calms him down!

He loves playing with toys and stares at his surrounding. He's very sweet! He can really hold his toys! Always full of laughter! He really blows rasberries and enjoys mimicking us!


Well, someone has discovered pain... strangers... and he's pretty jittery, so don't jump out and startle him. he'll cry. lol.

Postpartum Nothing too new... I started the hair shedding stage... it doesn't seem that bad, just a few extra strands here and there. I got my haircut and I love it! it's just layered now. I can zip up all my jeans and my feet are back down to a 7 1/2~!!! super happy that I saved all my shoes! wooHoo! The weirdest thing is happening.. my bones are aching. I feel that my right wrist is unlocked... it feels like its broken... then again, I'm lugging around a 16lb baby.. sometimes I think.. is my wrist gonna snap!!!??!

We also celebrated my SIL's Bachelorette party in vegas!

Went to the aquarium for the first time.. big surprise for my husband who kept saying "he won't know what's going on..." well, he was wrong. Landon is very alert when it comes to sight seeing. he doesn't want to miss anything! he watched a giant shark swim past him... when he didn't have anything interesting in front of him, he would kick and scream until I found him something new to stare at. he's really good at tracking!

1. recovered from our first cold
2. rolled over
3. head & neck is sturdy enough to play in an excersaucer!
4. sits in a high chair
5. hand to mouth contact
6. hold and plays with his toys
7. first road trip to vegas!
8. first trip to the aquarium!
9. first trip on a boat around the lake
10. first haircut
11. first time at the beach... lots of crazy first this month!!
12. he is officially 100% in his room... even his rocking chair.. changing table.. everything!! and he sleeps so well too!
13. my parents celebrated their first birthday as grandparents... and landon might be fascinated by fire.. i mean he was obsessed with birthday candles.. we had to re-light a few times...
14. First time at the pumpkin patch!

Oh my, he's growing SO fast and he's such a blessing!! I love him, I love him, I LOVE HIM.. more than I ever thought I could love anything...

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