Monday, October 1, 2012

Landon's First Haircut

Well, we started to notice a little balding around landon's head.. He was also shedding like a golden retriever. I tried to talk my husband into letting us shave his head so it could grow back evenly BUT no dice.

so... We compromised. We took him to first cuts at the mission viejo mall. This place is soOOoo cute, he got to sit in a little rocket and everything! Everyone in the salon couldn't get over how well behaved Landon was, the hair stylist even called him an angel. lol.

It was the best first experience ever. They even saved his hair for us!

Now his hair is somewhat even (minus the baldness). but he's still a handsome little guy!

He's such a good baby! first haircut, check!

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  1. ha! love it! we have a waaaayyysss to go for our first haircut! :)