Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lucy is 2 Months

We are a little late for our monthly update but better late then never right?

At her 11 week checkup, she weighed 12.3lbs (2 lb gain since her last appointment) and she measures 24.4" (2.4" growth!)


I think we narrowed down her allergy to dairy and eggs. She was super clear during our vacation but since we've been home, she's started to flare up again. It makes it so stressful to see her skin dry up and breakout... But hopefully I can clear it up again.

I cannot believe how well she does! She's sleeping through the night when she turned 9 weeks. 8:30pm-6:30am. I love that she sleeps so well! We also moved her to her own room for the 1st time... It's all happening so fast but we want to create healthy sleeping habits for her.


Sizes 0-3 and 3-6. We finally found a diaper that doesn't leak! Hallelujah!! Seventh generation works great! Too bad they look like chipotle napkins!


Breastmilk.. She takes 4.5-5oz.. I swear she takes 8oz when she wakes up! 

She tracks very well, holds onto toys, she swats her toys that hang over her little play mat. She enjoys sitting up to watch her brother play. She does great with tummy time.


Only when she is overly tired... When someone isn't holding her... And when she's hungry. 


Sleeping through the night 
Finally takes a pacifier at 4 weeks and we were so relieved!
Tracks objects
Holds onto objects

Sibling Love

These two LOVE each other. Landon is very aware and cautious around Lucy. 


 At my PP appointment.. I lost 38 lbs. I started my insanity work out.. Hopefully I can tone up and get back to my old size soon! 


  1. oh my gosh, what a great sleeper! Aria was too. It was like a chorus of angels.

    1. That is the best way to describe it!!! Chorus of Angels!! Lol