Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Toddler Activities: Dinosaur Water Exploration

We clearly have a dinosaur obsession in our house. Its non stop. So on a hot summer day, I decided to let me explore a dinosaur water table! You really can add anything to a water table and kids will love it!

We added a few rocks, dinosaurs, funnels, water bottles, tupperware, measuring cups, tweezers and basters. he spent about 2 hours playing and laughing!

He loved picking up dinosaurs with his tweezers and playing with all the rocks I added.

I added sand for him to scoop and bury his dinosaurs.

I also added dinosaurs that grow with water. this activity lasted a few days so he noticed his was growing. 

this is a great activity when he's fresh from his nap! 

Here he is digging up his trees and dinosaurs!

the baster was a hit! Hope you guys try this with your little ones! Its super fun and keeps them very busy!

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