Monday, September 1, 2014

Lucy is 3 Months

My little love bugs is 3 months!!! 

At her 11 week checkup, she weighed 12.3lbs (2 lb gain since her last appointment) and she measures 24.4" (2.4" growth!)


We're doing great controlling her food allergy.. dairy is a huge trigger. I'm not ready to start eating eggs but I REALLY REALLY miss eggs!! she has a few flare ups here and there but its not as bad as before. 

Her sleeping schedule is impressive. She only takes cat naps during the day.. she will sleep for 2-3 hours when Landon takes his daily nap... but ONLY if shes touching me... which is great for me because I'll get a nap- terrible for my husband because I get NOTHING done. She also sleeps straight through the night from 8-5/6 am then back to sleep until 8/9. Its awesome!

Clothing Size

We are officially in 3-6 months clothes.. I still squeeze her into some 0-3. Size 2 diapers.


Breastmilk. 5 oz every 3-4 hours... 


She loves sitting up in her bumbo.. Shes been interacting her play mat.. playing with toys above her. She's very chatty.


She hates having a dirty diaper. She hates being hungry... and she has to cry before she passes out.


rolling side to side... chatty.. grabs hold of her toys... loves watching her brother play!

Sibling Love

these two are obsessed about each other. Landon loves his little sister "C". Every time she sits in her swing, landon covers her with a blanket and offers her a pacifier. When she lays on their floor mat, he will put toys in front of her and say "C look. you you. See?" and she will babble back at him. its really cute! 


I am proud to say.. I am zipping up my pre pregnancy jeans.. and put on my dresses without issues... I do feel like my body isn't "back" as quickly as my pregnancy with Landon but I started doing insanity and I hope to bounce back before the end of september... since I'm going to vegas. 


  1. She is amazing! And soooo beautiful! And look gorgeous in your dress, it can't be seen you gave birth 3 months ago...