Sunday, November 13, 2011

Highlight of my weekend...

Happy One week of finding out we're expecting!!!

SInce we found out that we're expecting, we've been slowly telling people. Most people are SUPER excited for us which makes me happy!

This weekend, I ventured out for the first time, we celebrated Vrey's Big 28!! Here are some photos of the girls out!

Lets see.. Some noticeable changes...

I had my first baby dream... I dreamt that I had a baby and after a few days, I realized that the hospital sent me home with the wrong baby... So i removed the baby (with the car-seat), left Him (yes, in my dream it was a boy) on the trunk of my car and went shopping. I do remember calling my husband to tell him that we had the wrong baby and I didn't want it anymore. when I returned from Nordstrom with tons of Shopping bags... the baby was gone. Someone had taken the baby and left their 2-3 year old sitting on my trunk. He called me Mama and tried to hold my hand. I believe I left it sitting at the bus stop and went home.

I woke up feeling like a terrible person. I do believe that I had this dream because I've been helping my girlfriend date online. I spent a good hour letting people down and I think because of it, I rejected my baby. oops. I will now answer emails in the morning.

cravings: rice, sauteed spinach, salted olives.. mexican candy.. tamarind.. salty plums and water (I'm thirsty ALL Day long). I do prefer ice water with a straw instead of cold water bottles.

How do our dogs react??? ummm just look at this photo:

yes, theres a slight bump. I can't figure out if it's a "baby bump" or if I'm just getting chubby. Today at the Salty plum store, the baby wished that my baby is "healthy, strong, and that he will do well in school and become successful in life" It made me very happy to hear it!!

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