Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Looks Like My +1 is now a +2.

Well.. Looks like we did it!

We were not expecting this. At all!! Actually, we made the effort to Prepare us to Concieve. On Oct. 20th we went to interview an OBGYN. She suggested we start "Enjoying" the process and told me not to come back until January. Little did I know, we were already pregnant.

SoooOOoo last friday, at Katsuya we enjoyed about $300 worth of sushi and a cocktail. I'm pretty sure I've already poisoned the little jelly bean growing in my belly.. but I was starving and almost dying for sushi. luckily its the last Sushi I'll have for the next 8 months... luckily it was the best meal ever!!

Now we should've known I was pregnant when I ordered 4 appetizers, 2 rolls, a couple of Robatas and dessert.. all for myself.

following dinner, on saturday at BJ's I ate a salad, a mini pizza, a plate of chicken wings and a pazookie.. starved. The waitress even asked if I was eating for 2...

On sunday i woke up and felt queasy. Josh went to get breakfast and came home with a pregnancy test...

Test 1. pregnant.
Test 2. Pregnant

so looks like we're having a baby!!

If you're wondering.. My husband is SOooOoo Excited he tried to buy a crib on sunday morning.. instead I let him call everyone to announce that he's a daddy to be. we spent the entire day telling immediate family!

During our first ultrasound I met my new doctor (He requested to be my OBGYN because he's an experts for mommies like me!) How can I pass on a doctor who's begging me to be his patient! After one meeting with him, we both agreed that he is the best doctor for our little baby!

Our little Jelly bean is 5 weeks 4 days old!

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