Friday, June 1, 2012

Too Big and Ready to POP... My End of the Month Re-Cap

So, Basically, I'm 89% completely dependent on my husband. I'm not ashamed to ask him for his help- that's why I married him right?

His current role is now:

food runner/ delivery boy
underwear and pants putter on-er... lol
lotion latherer
pick upper person if I drop anything on the floor...
shopping bag carrier
purse carrier
helper in & out of bed person...
lets not forget, weekly photographer (he's available if anyone else needs an amazing belly photographer)...

I'm actually exhausted for him- by just listing these... for some reason, when I get into my car for work, I'm completely normal and functioning and anytime before and after I press that garage door button... I am 100% glued to him.. at the hips.

Anyone else have a husband who suffers from ALL this non-sense? I'm sure he's counting the days where this baby pops out.. but He understands he's has at least 2 months post baby to cater to me as well. He should've taken my Mothers offer... (to send me to her house (3 minutes away) for a month.)

So.. Let's do some catching up.

a few weeks ago, we decided to venture out and try a local hiking spot. it's 4 miles from our house.. and another 4 miles of off roading to get to the hike... a little scary.. but our goal was to get there and hike up to see a waterfall.

Mission failed for a few reasons.. first, by the time we got there and parked, i was exhausted. about 1/4 mile in, I had to PEE really bad... then we had to cross all these streams where it was pretty slippery so we started to get nervous... about 1/2 mile in, I got SUPER HUNGRY... lol. then We ran into these elderly ladies and they suggested we turn around. lol. But here are some photos.

Swimming lessons for Maddox has gone VERY WELL! He loves being in the pool. Especially if I'm in it. He'll sit on the steps for awhile and then jump onto my husbands lap. they float lazily together..

Over Memorial Day weekend, we took a drive down to LaJolla, CA to walk around, shop, eat and relax.
It was a beautiful weekend too!

Lastly, Puppy Training...

So we've got them pretty well trained. my next step is possibly leash/stroller training. But here are photos of them...

No puppies on the stairs while I go up and down... they have to wait until its clear.

No puppies in the Kitchen or Breakfast nook when we're eating.. I did this because when Landon starts throwing food on the floor, I don't want them running in, gobbling it up and getting tummy aches. This works very well, anytime they step foot in the Kitchen, we say "NO. OUT." and point our fingers, they will 98% of the time listen... unless we have guest.


NO Puppies in the Nursery... same rule applies as the kitchen and it works very well. lol. a little pitiful at times, Leiah doesn't even bother, but maddox hates it.

That's Pretty much it for the last half of May. I can't believe its already over and my last month of pregnancy begins.



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