Monday, March 4, 2013

Flying with an 8 month old

Well- Landon took his 3rd trip... (5-6th flight).

He did Very WELL!

My husband took us to hawaii as a valentines day gift! On our first flight, we were scheduled to sit together- but when we got there, babies were not allowed to sit in the row we selected so they split us up... we were not the only family with infants that were split up, 2 other families were split!! SO- I was moved to the back of the plane and my husband was in the front.

A couple flying with a third person suggested I switch seats closer to my husband- which I gladly accepted, BUT when I went to move, it was next to an older couple (in their late 60's) who threw the biggest tantrum that THEY WOULD HAVE TO SIT NEXT TO AN INFANT.

the woman- was LIVID. I reassured her that we travel a lot and that Landon was a really good baby.
she was not having any of it. in fact, she was SO loud, all the flight attendants came over to try and extinguish the issue... they ended up moving the womans grand daughter (who was sitting across the way) next to them- and me, in the granddaughters seat.

which was fine. we actually lucked out. we sat next to a woman who bought herself 2 seats and kindly let Landon sit in the middle and to thank her, we paid for her to have a dvd player.

and so off to hawaii we went...

like I told the old lady, Landon is a wonderful traveler... and this is how our flight went.

- we nursed on take off and landing and during the 3rd hour. (it was a 6 hour flight)

- he ate breakfast and lunch on the plane (oatmeal and apples for breakfast, sweet potatoes, oatmeal and peas for lunch)he drank water from his sippy cup

- he snacked on puffs

- he took 2 naps, 1st nap was for 45 minutes and second was for 2 hours

- we changed his diaper twice... and changed his clothes 3x (once after every meal)

- dad checked on us once (he was stuck in a window seat and honestly, it was a bitch to watch him get up to help)

-we watched his music video on his ipad (the wheels on the bus) 30-40x...

-we sang a lot of songs..

- we played with all his toys... and with TONS of cups and straws.

- we started with 10 pacifiers.. and a gallon sized bag filled with toys and ended up with that many in our dirty bag.

and at the end of our flight, the same couple that was upset about Landon, apologized to me. they agreed that Landon was an amazing traveller but I wanted to stab her for being such a bitch...

so my husband flew us home first class... and my husband has decided thats the only way we'll fly from now on... unless we buy 3 seats.

this is what I've learned about flying...

1. we carry clorox wipes or hand sanitizer wipes and wipe down EVERYTHING... trays, handles, seats, window, wall... EVERYTHING.

2. the bathroom with an infant changing table is located in the back. theres usually only 1.

3. flights under 6 hours does not have food available.

4. try to travel during baby's sleeping hours. there was only 1 direct flight available for the day we decided to fly... it was at 7am... we had to wake up at 4. there was a lot of planning involved... A LOT. we flew home at night and he slept 80% of the time.

5. in first class, the last seat has a backing in the middle of our two seats.. so he sat there and played for an hour or so. safe and fly often!


  1. did you use headphones for your iPad?

    1. katie- I don't have headphones but I will because we couldn't use the volume on our ipad in first class! I'll let you know what I find!