Sunday, March 31, 2013

Landon's First Easter

Our little Bunny had the sweetest Easter! I couldn't have asked for a better week for him!

what a wonderful experience! My mom who has been battling breast cancer and is recouping from her Mastectomy 2 weeks ago ventured up to the park to enjoy a little easter fun!

Well, over the weekend, the community where my mom lives had an Easter event at the park, so we stopped by to check things out!


Now the minute we got the park, Landon lit up like a Christmas Tree! He is soOoo SOCIAL! There was a firetruck that took us around the neighborhood and he waved hello during the entire ride! Everyone on the Truck kept saying how ADORABLE he is! He totally is!

Today, we hosted Easter at our house. It was our first official Easter! We haven't had easter dinner in a long time- but I went ALL out. I want to have traditions that Landon will remember and want to come home too!

So here is our dinner table set up!

I found these cute little Bunny Bread balls on Pintrest so I HAD TO TRY! they were a hit!

just buy ready to bake rolls... (let them rise for 1-2 hours) then cut the little ears and poke eyes out to make bunnies... viola! (I didn't let it rise so they look like fat kittens)

He enjoyed Green Beans, Roasted Chicken, Corn, Bread and Mashed potatoes. He enjoyed socializing with everyone!

after lunch, we went out to our front yard and Landon went searching for 3 little eggs.. he skipped the eggs and went straight to the easter baskets to pull them apart. He squealed and laughed! It was ADORABLE!

He was delightful!

Here are some photos of our family at the Irvine Easter Park last weekend! Photos were taken by my sister!

Happy Easter Everyone! Hope yours was as memorable as ours!

God Bless!

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