Friday, March 1, 2013

I'm a full time mom- 24 hours a day.

I'm a SAHM, full time sales rep and I own my own online business... it is challenging and at times insane...

my hours are crazy.. while the baby plays, I work on my bridal company, create quotes for my hospitals, send out text/emails and make sure all my paperwork is kept up. while he naps- I make phone calls and schedule appointments for work.. when he goes to bed- I package my sales and get them ready to ship. if I have to go out and work during the week (2-3 days a week), my husband will work from home or Landon goes to my moms.

Throw in a curve ball- he is exclusively breastfed and when I'm working, I have to pump in my car- 2-3x... that means, when I'm at a hospital, I will sit in a parking lot and pump before my meetings...

life as a mother is already challenging and I do this for my son because I love him... life as an employee, I'm sure I'm somewhat of a burden... I'm 100% sure when they hired me in my mid 20's, they hired someone different than who I am now... but that's what happens. All our sales reps are men. all our sales reps are married with kids.. all our sales reps have wives that stay at home to raise their kids... but here I am- doing it all, best I can...

it has worked really well for me for the last 9 months... heck, it worked throughout my pregnancy... until monday when my company let me know that they needed me to pick up a few extra territories. all the other reps were traveling 2-3 days a week out of state and I couldn't keep up. The job I'm in, it's not cut out for full time moms and I felt a lot of pressure to either abandon my dream about being a mother and keep up with the guys.. at first they said I was unable to grow the territory as much as they wanted- but truth is, I was pregnant last year, I had to keep up my numbers and gain new business that they had lost... and as hard as I tried- I knew, I was being pushed out..

I even told my husband when they changed my pay structure that I felt like they were trying to get me to quit. but I'm not a quitter... so instead, I rode my last wave as a full time employee... and here I am...

a full time mom..

and it is the best decision- its what I wanted and I'm excited. I get to wake up everyday and be his mother all day. I get to see him experience his first.. I get to be the one who teaches him how to become a boy, a man. I am that person and I AM EXCITED!

the funny thing is- it was never about money.. money is not an issue. I haven't had to work since I got married.. it was because I didn't want to be a housewife. but I want to be a mother- a great mother... the best mother out there.


  1. Good for you! You're doing a great job!

    1. thanks for reading mama- i felt like I had to get it out there! it was a very emotional decision but I think I made the right one! xo

  2. Im thinking of going back two days a week...going insane...then again im n a new is far! I need adult interaction!