Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Landon Goes to Gymnastics

Our swimming membership provides free weekly "SweetPea" gymnastics classes for babies 3 months- 18 months!

We did sign him up during nap time... which currently is ok... he's taking a later nap.. which means lunch is later as well... so far, I'm not sure how I feel about changing up nap time, but thats a whole different story!

The class started off a little overwhelming, there were a few 3 year old's running around during the class and 1 girl was coughing up her lungs... it made me very nervous, but Landon had so much fun!

We did lots of singing, tumbling, balancing... they put out an obstacle course for us to walk/ climb/ crawl through!

 Landon took forever to go through the tunnel.. at first he refused to go into the tunnel, so we tossed a rattle in there.. then he sat in the tunnel shaking the rattle and laughing... all the other kids had to wait for him to get out, but after a few minutes, he came crawling out and everyone cheered!

Looks like we'll come back every tuesday!

1 comment:

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