Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My parents 36th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, My parents celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary. this is an accomplishment in itself, but I must tell their story.

My parents have been regular normal parents all my life. It wasn't until my late 20's that I realized how far they've come and how many obstacles they had to overcome.. and here is is their love story...

now, before I start- I must first explain that getting information from my parents about how they got married is like taking a child to a dentist.. painfully grueling lol.. but after years of gathering stories here and there, I think I successfully put the puzzle together.

My parents met in Vietnam. My dad was in the military and he rented the back room of my grandparents house... It was there, where he met my mother and fell in love... As most typical asian love stories go, my grandfather was very over protective and would not allow my mom to date my dad... so they went on, admiring one another for years... in 1975, while my dad was serving the war, my grandfather passed away. My Grandmother sent my mother with her siblings on a ship to America. There were 12 living members in my mothers family, 8 successfully made it to america. 4 stayed behind.

how did they get separated you ask? well, the ship that they were on started sinking so 12 members jumped ship... 8 made it, 4 fell, swam ashore and were arrested...

My mother 22 at the time took charge to help raise her family. Her siblings ranged between the ages of 3-25.

When my dad returned from war that year, he went looking for my mom... He did manage to locate my grandmother who informed him that mom had left for America.. He too, fled to find her.

In Guam, at a refugee camp, she literally passed my dad (he was arriving and she was leaving). They briefly talked for (what she explained) less than 5 minutes. He asked her where she was going and she said, "CA. come find me". She ended up in southern CA and he ended up in San Francisco.

I'm unsure of how long it took them to find one another, but I do know that My dad put out several Ad's in papers all around the state looking for my mom and was unsuccessful. After a few years, they began dating other people.

One day, In thousand Oaks, CA, my father started a new job at a local chicken farm collecting eggs. When he arrived that day, he went to introduce himself to other vietnamese workers... there in front of him was my mom's brother. YEP.

AND that is how they found one another...

Met in Vietnam, separated by war... connected in Guam but then placed in different parts of CA.. and fate finally brought them together... fell in love, Got married and had 3 kids of their own!

That is a GREAT love story!!!

it literally gives me goosebumps every time I think about it!!


  1. ahh, i got chills!!
    amazing story and congrats to them!

    1. I know!! you don't have TRUE love stories like this anymore... I feel sad that I have to tell landon that his dad and I met on a blind date. lol

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