Monday, April 22, 2013

Swim School

We finally registered AND attended our first swim class. The past few months we've signed up, but once he was napping and you DON'T wake a napping child... its like trying to perform an exorcist on yourself... and the other 2 times, he had a cold.

so we did it. and HE DID GREAT!

We signed him up for CAL ELITE KIDS, located 10 minutes from our house. Its one of the few locations that offered indoor pools. I like it because the ratios are small and they had a shower, changing tables and were very accommodating for young children. It's pretty affordable and Landon gets to attend 1 gym activity class a week for free! (2 classes for the price of 1!!)

First off, lets talk about what to wear. They recommended iplay reusable diapers (SUPER CUTE!) for baby. And for days I stressed about what to wear. My husband thought I was being silly... but I thought about getting a 1 piece swimsuit. He thought it was ridiculous since I haven't worn a 1 piece since 4th grade, but I didn't want to be "THAT" mom that showed up in a bikini... yea. I was that mom. but its ok.

The class was very fast pace...

start in a circle and sing songs

then blow bubbles underwater

swim laps and kick feet

float backwards

"swim" to the wall and climb out

swim to teacher and back to mommy

walk across a floating plank and then swim to mommy

stand on the steps and reach for toys

float under a tunnel

swim in a circle and say good-bye

After class, there are shower centers and changing tables so that worked out well for us! Landon caught on very quickly and he was able to climb out of the pool himself. The instructor kept saying, "now, it's his first time and he's young so obviously he won't be able to do this yet" then Landon would do it and she would say.... "wow, he's strong. Ok he can do this"

We love swim school and can't wait until our next lesson!

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