Friday, June 7, 2013

Toddler Meals: Sweet Potato+ Qunioa wrapped Seaweed

My baby is suddenly a toddler.. Eating big boy meals!!!

We've been transitioning from purées & baby food to real human grown up meals.. It's a steady process but we've been very successful with baby led weaning. 

So far, Landon's eating habits are very adventurous. I know that he's pretty picky with veggies. He can eat a whole pear I'm 1 sitting, but getting him to "want" veggies has been a bit of a challenge. He won't even pick it up... But I continue to offer veggies and have also gotten very creative with our meals! 

So here's my first official "toddler meal post". 

For lunch, we typically have:

1 grain (bread, rice, quinoa, pasta)
1-2 vegetables
1-2 fruits
1-2 dairy

Today I served: brown rice & quinoa with sweet potato wrapped in seaweed. Grilled sweet potatoes and string cheese... 

To make our "sushi"

Cook your rice, Qunioa and diced sweet potatoes together according to the rice directions... Let it cool. I usually make a small pot for a few days!

Start with a piece of seaweed. Try not to get it wet, it will get chewy.

Add a layer of rice & quinoa

Add a slice of avocado.. I actually prefer smashing the avocado and spreading it on.. 

Roll & serve! He ate about 5. 


  1. can you mail these to me?

    ps i hate to cook!!!!

  2. Lol did u want me to mail you rolls? Lol