Friday, November 1, 2013

Landon Visits Pennsylvania

We had our summer visit to Pennsylvania to see my husbands family!

Here we are at Sunday church.

Landon and his pap pap walking to church. They're buddies. I can't believe how grown he looks!

Landon with his dad and grandparents!

He sat quietly through mass. clapping and cheering when the choir sang. its pretty funny.

The tractor became a huge daily activity. The minute he woke up, he would tell my fil "brrrrrrrr" and pointed outside. we would bundle him up so pap pap could take him on a ride. its pretty funny how he has them wrapped around his little finger!

On a beautiful Sunday, we went to "camp" to have an early dinner and enjoy the outdoors with my husbands aunts and uncles.

We went boating, ate pie, enjoyed a camp fire. it was pretty relaxing and fun! Definitely my favorite thing to do when we visit!

Landon LOVED steering the boat and exploring! 
Here he is with Aunt Shannon and his cousin Selah.
We also scheduled a play date with one of my SIL's friends daughter. We LOVED letting him interact with friends. They were so playful and social! I couldn't believe how well he interacted with Netty. 

My MIL and SIL took me to see my first penguin game! 

Of Course we had to visit our favorite Italian place for dinner! We even celebrated my nieces birthday! 

We love visiting Landon's Great Grandmother. We always have such an amazing time visiting my in laws. We get plenty of sleep and Landon gets to spend time with my husbands family! They've always welcomed me with open arms and they LOVE Landon so much! I have been blessed to marry into such an amazing loving family!


  1. That is so sweet that he wanted to go ride the tractor daily!

    1. I know! I hope he doesn't remember the tractor when we come home for Xmas!

  2. Replies
    1. I know! I'm forever grateful! I definitely want to be amazing mil one day!