Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Toddler Activities: Jumbo Peg Boards

We are introducing colors to Landon. I bought this peg board activity from lakeshore learning center. They also sell them on amazon.

to start this activity, we let him have a handful of pegs and we talked about stacking. Every time he would "stack" a peg, we would say "Stack". 
Always offering positive encouragement by saying "good job, you did it!"

Within minutes, he mastered stacking 3 pegs per row. 

On the second day of jumbo pegs, We introduced only 1 color. we talked about blue and every time he would pick up a peg, we would say, "blue." "that's blue." "stack the blue!" "good job, you stacked blue" and by the end of the week, he said blue. second week, we introduced red.