Sunday, November 3, 2013

Landon's Date Night: Chuck E Cheese

Auntie Cat took Landon on their second date to Chuck E Cheese. I downloaded a coupon for them, for $25 they recieved 100 tokens. That was plenty of tokens to keep a toddler busy!

He loved observing the other children dance, she thought he would jump in and join, but he was very shy. 

She taught him how to use tokens to pay for rides.

He rode every ride there! It's only 1 token per ride! 

I love that he was able to explore!!

Clearly he's an expert with rides!

I love that my sister takes Landon on little adventure! She's so amazing with him and to watch them bond and grow is totally heart warming! When he sees her, he whispers "cat" then turns around and and waves "Bye" to me. He has no problem leaving me for his beloved auntie Cat! 

Until next time!

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