Thursday, January 17, 2013

Landon is 7 Months!

Oh Little man!! He's getting so BIG so FAST!! I wish there was a little pause button to put him on hold!! He's sooo much fun lately and SOOOO very active! He's been a JOY and I can't get enough of him!!


At 6 months 22 days he weighed 18lbs 9 oz placing him at 55%. his head circumference is 43.9 cm- 42% and he is 27.5" long- 71%. We won't be seeing his Doctor until his 9 month appointment but he feel pretty sturdy.


Flu season is here and he's been really holding up strong! We survived traveling to Pennsylvania without any sniffles and I hope we can make it to hawaii next month without any issues as well!


He is tired by 6:30 every night. We have a night time routine.
6:00 dinner
6:30 bath
6:45 lotion, hair brushed, diaper
6:50 2 books.. 1 regular 1 pop up
7:00 7oz bottle of breast milk
7:10 we say good night- place him in bed and give him a paci and some pats
7:18... asleep.

sometimes he will fuss a little bit but he's sleeping til 3/4am and then back down again until 6:30 am... he wakes up super happy and some mornings I bring him to bed for snuggle time... sounds like a bad idea, but it WE all LOVE IT!!


Jammies: 9 months
Everything else is 6-12 months

WE LOVE dressing him! He's such a handsome guy so i can put him in cute little baby clothes and he looks great- but its soOOoo much fun dressing him like his dad.

is there anything he won't eat? we are moving away from purees and moving towards baby led weaning... whatever he's eating- I must admit, he has a very STRONG belly. Somedays- his lips are SEALED and I can't even get a spoon into his mouth! We've added: Cauliflower, broccoli, white/black/kidney beans, tofu, chicken, and egg yokes.


WOW- what a month. Besides rolling around EVERYWHERE, he can high five, wave hello, clap his hands, he's started CRAWLING!!! seriously- he IS CRAWLING and the other day he sat up by himself.. I think it happened for a few days because we were VERY confused about putting him down and turning around and he was sitting up... then I actually witnessed it happening!!


this is not in our vocabulary... there's a little fussing here and there but tears are rare. There is however.. this noise he makes... it sounds like a dying seal sunbathing in winter... its painful to hear... and it comes out when he's around my husband and my mom... his ped warned us that he would start discovering voice... and his dad acknowledged this strange noise- so lucky him. lol.


I feel really repetitive with this second.. So I'll retire it.. the only thing is.. the shedding is getting a little intense. My hair is already thin- is STILL shedding. fml.

Oh my love, you're a joy. You're amazing and so sweet! I love your big bear hugs and I'm obsessed with you!!

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