Thursday, January 31, 2013

Potty Training Landon- day 133!

I wanted to update on our potty training progress..

if you are interested- you can read about how we got started HERE

When Landon was about 12 weeks old, we started potty training. why??

1. because was a preschool teacher for almost 10 years and potty training could be a bitch.
2. potty training a 2+ year old can be frustrating and stressful- especially if the child is stubborn.
3. I've heard from multiple sources and read tons of articles about how introducing potty training at an early age- conditions a child that "using the toilet" is normal.

and am I a believer??

YES. YES I AM- because Landon has been successfully sitting on the toilet and doing his business for almost 19 weeks. he's only had 10-15 dirty diapers since October.

I'm not saying my kid is 100% potty trained- but I believe he prefers to poop while sitting on the toilet.

We also talk about "going poo-poo" every morning before I put him on the can. I'll say,

Before: "Landon, you PooPoo?"

During: "Landon, go poo-poo."

after: "good boy, you poo-poo"

and now- he says "poo".

When we introduced solids, I had to transition him differently because he wasn't going regularly like I liked. So after a week or two of adjustment- I decided to give him prunes with his morning oatmeal to help keep him regular.

So- you might think I'm looney for doing this- but I swear, I have a little potty training gang. Below you can check out my friends who decided to potty train as well... IT IS ADORABLE.

this is my cousin over at:

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