Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Over The Shoulder boulder holders...

who decided that Breastfeeding shouldn't be sexy??? I mean- you spend your whole life trying to stay sexy.. collecting victoria secret bras and lace thongs- but the minute you get pregnant, all that goes out the window and suddenly, its granny panties and droopy bras.. no wonder mothers feel fuddy duddy after their babes arrive...

what is the point of getting up and getting dressed if you have to put this on...


not only are nursing bras droopy and uncomfortable, they're not even flattering.

I bought 1 nursing bra after I had Landon.

the Gilligan & O'Malley® Women's Nursing Full Coverage Lace Bra from target.

this bra was mediocre at best.

Pros: it was semi flattering with underwire for us "non-volumptious" gals.
cons: the straps are too thick to wear tank tops and it doesn't provide cleavage... and it shows when you wear low cut tops... and because i'm not a full C cup, theres always a dent.

to add insult to injury, society makes us go back to work and some idiot invented this concoction:

aww- so we can multi-task.

such bull-shit RIGHT??

and then, this little baby was introduced...

The Arden Bra- is a sophisticated 2 in 1 bra!! It was designed by Emily Ironi- a nursing mom!!

it functions as a nursing bra and a hands free pumping bra! I CANNOT WAIT FOR IT TO ARRIVE!!

for those of you who follow me- you know that my office is my car. I pump twice a day in the back seat of my car... and when I have to pump, I have to usually remove my scrub top- remove my bra and hang onto dear life- while I pump for 15 minutes... its sooOoOo frustrating that most days I pray some cop taps on my car and tells me I'm doing something illegal.

So- how do you get one?? Check out the Arden Bra Kickstarter Campaign link The Arden all-in-one bra is priced at $68 and if you purchase one now through the Kickstarter Campaign you will get it for only $58!

Support your Breastfeeding mamas!!

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