Thursday, November 1, 2012

Potty Training Landon

Now I know you all my think I'm crazy, but I thought I'd throw it out there... I am Potty training my 4 month old son. I started at 3 months and we've been going strong since then.

This method is called "Infant Potty Training". You can read about it HERE

I don't expect Landon to "BE POTTY TRAINED" by any age, but I do want him to recognize the toilet and I want him to know that it's natural to use the toilet.

After successfully transitioning Landon into his nursery, we started potty training.

How I started:

1. Get a toilet Seat: I received a toilet seat for my baby shower.. it has now become one of my favorite gifts and I might start passing them out like a the pope passes out blessings...

2. Observe: 1 week before I started, I began watching Landon's "tendencies". I noticed that he enjoyed crapping during his early morning feeding... It was trial and error.

1st day- he sat on it, looking around... but I was pretty diligent about keeping him on for at least 10 minutes. SO, first day, he sat on it- and the minute I took him off and nursed him, he pooped. First day, failed.

2nd day- I sat him on it.. again for 5 minutes.. nothing. Gave him my boob while on the toilet.. he pooped. not bad.

3rd day- same thing.

4th day- i nursed him first- he pooped in between boobs. failed.

5th day- nursed him 1 side, let him poop- nursed him other side.. successful..

We pretty much ran with day 5, he's pooped the minute I've put him on the toilet.

after 8 weeks of consistent potty training (even taking his toilet seat with us to las vegas and san diego) he has only missed his opportunity to crap on his throne 4 times.

We will continue with this schedule until he starts real food and then we will adjust.

I'm hoping that he'll regularly poop in the morning before we leave the house, that way, I can shop without having to find a bathroom for him to poop on. lol.

Let me know if you all plan on trying this method as well!!


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