Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Baby Landon is 5 months

My My My.. He get MORE & MORE handsome by the day!! He's also more fun! I can't believe it's been 5 months already! Slow it down buddy!


At his 5 week appointment he was scheduled for shots... we didn't get a proper measurement and weigh in, but our scale at home weighs him at 19-20 lbs... He's making my arms tired from carrying him around and his baby bjorn is no help (although you love it!) he did get shots, but it didn't even phase him!! he just laughed it off, he's so happy and sweet!


he has clean bill of health.. the only thing is his cradle cap/ dry scalp.. it comes and goes. According to his Ped, he will continue to have it until i'm done breastfeeding him.


No complaints.. we did hit a weird change where he would wake up every few hours to nurse.. I thought it was a growth spurt but his Ped said I was being manipulated.. so we went back to sleep training him. it took about 2 days and we were right back on track (he's too smart for his own good!). We transition you from a swaddle to a sleep sack and you adjusted very well!


we are ranging between 3-6 to 6-12... it really all depends on the brand, it its separates- def 3-6... but mostly 6-12 or 9 month. Its getting fun to dress him for fall/winter. Layering and styling him has been exciting and everyone tells me how handsome he are!


98% breastmilk...he will nurse every 4-5 hours, he will take 5 oz from a bottle... but that was a challenge! We did find a bottle that he will take (mOmma's bottles). His doctor thinks he's eating about 7-8 oz per feeding but we haven't been able to give him more than 5oz in a bottle. We started Brown rice cereal... his doctor wanted to start him at 6 months, but I felt that he was ready.. and boy oh boy.. was he ready! It is hit or miss and he started clamping his mouth shut when he's not interested in his cereal, lets just say, he doesn't hate it... but he doesn't love it either. I got a babyfood processor so maybe we can start foods after New Year!


he has rolled back to front and front to back. he likes standing a lot. He's been trying to sit up and push himself up.. I notice that his push ups are higher and stronger!! he LOVES his excersaucer and he's playing actively with balls, teethers and he loves anything that makes noises, sings or lights up. He's a busy little bee all day!


you have your opinions and you're not afraid to express them. you are 97% happy, 2% stubborn and 1% fussy. 1% pops up when you're tired or when you're alone with anyone but me... I can be in the house all day but out of site and you're fine.. but the minute I get in my car, it's T minus 5 and you're in tears... you also will cry every once in awhile because you can't put yourself to sleep.


nothing to really share.. shedding is still pretty intense, still eating pretty healthy meals- all organic. Will start working out in January, i've been so tired!
My wrist (the pain from last month) disappeared after wearing an amber necklace for a few days!

overall, this has been a great month! we've been so busy!

lets take a stroll down memory lane!! Month 1-4 below!


  1. Ah! adorable!

    Your crown idea is great!
    Hadley needs that for her 5 month!
    I'll have to make her one:)