Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our 1st Halloween as a family

We spent our first Halloween as parents in San Diego. My Mother in Law and Sister in Law were visiting so they babysat Landon while we went out with our friends! Here are some photos of our Halloween weekend!

I did the Wizard of OZ theme for our first Halloween with Landon. My dogs crack me up!

With my husband.. who went as Joe Paterno...

Just the girls..

our Group photo

We've been the "Double Dating Duo" with this couple for over 6 years! I love them!

Me- My sister and My new Sister in Law dressed up as "Slutty Ghosts" to play a trick on our Aunt down the street... If you didn't know, Last year, My aunt showed up on Halloween dressed as a fox.. she grabbed all our halloween candy then came into the house while growling at me.. I had no idea I was newly pregnant and I reacted so poorly.. I didn't even put up a fight! SHE JUST CORNERED ME and growled.. I ALMOST CRIED!1! so this year we showed up to dance... here is the video. lol

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