Monday, November 5, 2012

Landon's Baptism

On October 28, 2012- Landon was officially welcomed into the Lord's house! It was such a sweet milestone for him and for us. I've always known that I wanted Landon Baptized and my husband and I have always agreed that we wanted him to grow up in a christian environment. After doing a little soul searching, we decided to have him baptized at St. Kilian Catholic Church in Mission Viejo, CA.

The ceremony lasted a whole 15 minutes. It would've been a beautiful service had a 5 year old child who was also being baptized cried and wailed as the priest blessed the devil out of her and possibly her mother as well. lol.

This child was sOOOoo horrible that the priest kept telling Landon that he was amazing and awesome. Add to the terrible demon wailing like she was possessed, my sisters camera literally became corrupted and she lost ALL her photos. (SAD FACE). Besides that, it was a beautiful experience! We only invited immediate family to join Landon on his blessed day.

In case y'all were wondering.. I had his baptism outfit custom made over on ETSY! Check out KnotSewShabby! I couldn't be happier with the outfit. It was very detailed and perfectly made!

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