Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Landon's First Time at the Beach

On October 13, 2012- we took Landon to the beach for the first time!

Now, my husband is a serious beach fanatic! it's the only reason why he moved to Sunny California! So at 4 months, we packed up our family of 3 and headed to the beach!

Here are some photos of his first time visiting the beach!

dressed for the beach...

first time in the water... he could care less. but he looked so cool!

here is a video of him in the water...

his little toes in the sand.. so cute

overall, he enjoyed the beach! we got a little beach tent so we were able to relax, nap and even nurse in our tent!! Best purchase ever! We got it at target

lastly, here is the BEST.VIDEO.EVER... he started mimicking our rasberries.. it was the cutest thing EVER!!

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