Tuesday, February 5, 2013

LilMama's = BIG HELP.

towards the end of my pregnancy, a friend of mine added me onto a forum of pregnant women and mothers...

You can check it out HERE

at first, I thought...

God dammit!!! Not another group with junk to fill up my mailbox...

but within my first hour of being part of this little group, my life changed. I became part of something, NOT like a gang (but just as hardcore)... it was a support group- not like any other forum or worse- GOOGLE- where you would say,

"today, I didn't feel my baby kick"

LilMama's: mom #1- oh you're at 30 weeks, I was there. you're fine. drink some water etc etc

baby center: "I didn't feel my baby kick" and in 2009, someone didn't feel their baby kick.. no answer.

Google. "your baby has cancer. it's dead". wtf???

I suddenly stopped calling my OBGYN for every little fart, cramp, pee in my pants situation.. I suddenly had someone who understood me and was kind to me, especially when my husband would look at me like some sort of lunatic.

so- I know that most of my readers are new moms and I hope this site will help you, just as much as it helped me.

THIS GROUP is better than parenting.com, better than TheBump, better than being depending on your mother who hasn't held an infant in 30+ years... they have the answer.. hell, its better than Pinterest because they're more realistic.

my favorite topics on the forum are:

sleep, sleep issues, sleep training...
poop- constipation and breastfeeding poop
crap we should buy
feeding our little beast and breastfeeding our kids

most importantly... they really talk us off the ledge... especially when we want to stab our husbands.

so I hope this site will help moms out there- because it helped little ol' me!!!

P.S- I even made it on as a featured mom!! yey!

LilMama's- THank you for all your love & support!


  1. i love the bio.
    i read it and thought...yep, that's all true!! LOL

    1. lol! check out the site! it's amazing!