Thursday, March 13, 2014

Landon is 21 Months

Well, here comes the waterworks! My toddler is coming closer to a 2 year old. It's scary. He's acting more and more like a 2 year old... Let's say.. More like the terrible twos. 

Weight: 26.5 lbs.. 

Health: we had our 1st stuffy/ runny nose a few days ago. Nothing a humidifier, Tylenol and onion couldn't cure. Everyone says it's his last set of his molars and though we've had smooth sailing with all his teeth, I'm really struggling with the last 4 coming out.

Diet: still eating everything. He started becoming a little pickier, ex: declining eggs. We decided to switch it up and offering cereal with milk.

Social: we've been seeing our family a lot, which means he gets to interact with more children his age! He loves it! 

Sleep: a slight sleep regression the last 2 weeks. It's been rough!! Throw in teething and this mama is TIRED!! The good news, last night he slept 7:30-7:45!
Let's hope I get him back on track with napping!

Crying: Well he is testing us. At the beach on Sunday, he saw a child his age throwing a tantrum and it was mesmerizing to him.. Then Monday-Wednesday has been interesting. I started redirecting, staying firm... And I don't give him what he wants unless he stops, calms, and relaxes. 

Loves: painting, "learning" time, walks, cars, puzzles, water and all animals.

Clothes: size 18 & 24, some 2T. Shoes 6. 

Milestones- lots of new words... Loves "learning time", can color sort, recognize almost all his basic animals, counts a few numbers. 

Must Haves: shoes, snacks, his bear and giraffe at nap/bed time. 

Teeth: 14! I felt 1 back molar so looks like his last set of teeth are coming... It's been rough. This is a whole new ball game! Losing sleep, runny nose, tons if drool just dripping from his mouth.. He also has his hands in his mouth a lot! 

This month Landon's been very verbal. He explores and discovers. We really let him be independent. He's really good about following directions and cleaning up after himself. I love who he is becoming and he's so inquisitive. Teaching him has been exciting because he absorbs information so quickly! I think about enrolling him in school but with a new baby coming in a few months, we decided to wait.


  1. Reading on the pot...oh man, too cute! Happy 21 months, Landon!

    1. Lol he has a handful of must reads on the pot. Lol