Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lucy's Nursery project Part 1

It started with this Pinterest photo Here:

And with that, the wheels started ticking... and with amazing Inlaws and a husband who were willing to make this happen... We started building!

Our Kids have HUGE closets. The side we built the nook had a desk and shelving unit built in. Though we loved it, we thought it would be better with a reading nook! 

First the nursery colors. I chose 2 colors I thought would look great together. 

Paint Brand: Beher

Colors: Gentle rain on the wall and cool melon as an accent color and our pop color will be Gold.

I thought this project would be super easy, but apparently, it was more complicated than I thought! When I saw frame work, I realized we were in serious business! 

We painted our pieces before we built our walls, roof, and bases. Seeing it come to life was so exciting! 

Completing the ladder was a huge success! Seeing it all come together was amazing! Once we painted and mounted our ladder, we were pretty much done! 

Here is Landon testing out our project!

We also put together the crib and repainted our dressers & side table . I purchased these dressers at an estate sale about 10 years ago. They were avocado green. My husband refused to let me take them with unless they were black.. 

So black it was.. For a long time! After we bought this house, we had it placed in our guest room (now Lucy's room)... This dresser is soooo heavy, we decided to just keep it in the nursery and refresh it.

Adorable! I'm going to take the drawer pulls off again and try to shine it up. If anyone has tips on how to do so, let me know?

I decided on the Jenny Lind crib. It's classic and vintage inspired. I LOVE it. 

The bumper and sheet bedding is from pottery barn kids. I plan on making my own bed skirt because I really want a pink ombre ruffle look. 

My next post will be about details! Stay tuned!! 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you!! I'm so happy that it turned out so perfect!

  2. im sure your FIL had a blast doing that for you guys... you are gonna use a bumper?! love the colors! and, i love when you can use a piece of furniture..and give it new life! So, is Landon going to be jealous of his sister's room? :)

    1. I think knowing that the kids will always know that pap pap made them this fort made him feel really good! Also I used bumpers with Landon without any issues. We removed them once he could stand. Landon loves the nook, he calls it a fort and it'll be great place for him to play while I nurse or change diapers. :)

  3. oh my gosh, that is the coolest little nook for a baby room. What kid doesn't love little tiny places? And, the dresser looks great in pink.

    1. Thank you!!! I really love it! I constantly go in and stare at it!

  4. Just found you and this is too cute! We are also expecting a little girl in August and oh so excited!

  5. First time visiting.. :) What a great idea for the closet! I'll have to keep that in mind for our little girl. :) I've also eyed up that PB bedding - LOVE it!