Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas, Christmas time is near...

time for toys and time for cheer...

we finally have our christmas cards done and ordered! I feel like I'm ahead of the crowds when it comes to christmas stuff this year- I finished almost all my shopping, got photos taken, decorated.. YET- I also feel like I'm running out of time!!

So here is our christmas photos!! I'm so excited for them this year. I spent a little more than I wanted too on photos but it's our first Christmas as parents... and our first baby- I couldn't resist!!




I love them!!

we took some photos with our FAVORITE photographer! LoveIs is one of my FAVORITE up-incoming baby photographers! SHE IS AMAZING! you can email her for rates and specials!

She did our Maternity photos Here - our Newborn photos here and our fall/halloween photos here

I swear I'm not a camera whore or obsessed with photos, but i figured, my husband will only allow this to happen for the first year :)


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